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Attorney Brad Wolfe Authors Article About Snapchat

Most attorneys don’t use Snapchat—its users tend to skew young, and many of its most popular features are obviously designed for teenagers or young people. At the same time, the app’s use (both its intended usage and how it has been co-opted as a tool for “sexting”) sometimes makes it a crucial source of evidence for attorneys.

That’s the angle that Attorney Brad Wolfe’s article takes in last week’s Attorney at Law Magazine. His article seeks to “demystify” Snapchat for lawyers—helping them understand how it works, why it matters, and the legal implications of its use.

On that subject, Wolfe notes, “Lawyers and courts have routinely relied on screenshots of Snaps and Chats as admissible evidence. In July 2016, a Massachusetts jury found two individuals guilty of assault with intent to commit rape with the aid of screenshots from a Snap, which the assailants created to record the attack.”

The article includes a few examples of how Snapchat has helped courts or lawyers prove negligence or guilt. The situations happen often enough that Snapchat has published a guide for law enforcement on how information may be requested from the company and what information can be provided. The article also mentions how an attorney might be able to extract dead “Snaps” from a phone after being opened, depending on how much time has passed since it was opened.

Overall, Mr. Wolfe’s article about how and why Snapchat matters is an important resource for attorneys. As technology and user behavior shifts and changes, the tools available to attorneys and investigators will continue to change as well. Mr. Wolfe understands that—and wrote this article to help other attorneys understand the same.

To read the article for yourself, visit here to check it out.