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Cyber Litigation Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

Experienced Cybercrime Defense

The federal government has a special interest in investigating and prosecuting crimes involving computers and the internet. Whether they concern long-standing crimes committed through a new means, such as fraud and identity theft, or high-tech offenses that specifically target one of the following, cybercrimes warrant substantial federal government intervention and aggressive prosecution:

  • Computer systems
  • Protected computers
  • Sensitive data
  • The government itself.

They also create the potential for severe and life-altering penalties for anyone accused.

At Friedman & Nemecek, LLC, our Cleveland cyber crime lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals charged with a range of computer-related crimes, and have become recognized leaders in this emerging area of law. Because the federal government largely focuses on offenses involving computers and the internet, cyber litigation demands the insight of proven and resourceful cyber litigation lawyers with experience representing defendants in federal court.

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Cyber Litigation Cases We Handle

Backed by the experience and insight of nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys, our firm has the tools and resources to effectively handle all types of cybercrime and computer crime cases, including those involving:

  • Spamming
  • Phishing & malware offenses
  • Hacking
  • Spreading viruses
  • Fraud & identify theft
  • Computer espionage
  • Child pornography
  • Computer trespassing in a government computer
  • Unauthorized access and obtaining information
  • Damaging a protected computer / threatening to damage a protected computer
  • Trafficking in passwords of a government / commerce computer

Cybercrime cases are notorious for their complexity, and for being subject to the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 USC 1030 (CFAA), which gives the federal government broad jurisdiction over computer-related crimes. Under the CFAA, individuals who are charged with accessing protecting computers, inflicting damage upon computer systems and victims, and / or committing offenses that threaten the federal government face severe penalties that include:

  • Large fines & court-ordered restitution
  • Civil asset forfeiture
  • Substantial terms of imprisonment

In some cases, federal indictments involving computer crimes may also charge defendants with additional related offenses, including:

  • Wire fraud
  • Money laundering

Protect Your Rights with Proven Cyber Litigation Lawyers

Our Ohio cyber litigation attorneys at Friedman & Nemecek, LLC leverage decades of collective experience, extensive resources, and professional connections with relevant experts to aggressively protect the rights of clients facing all types of computer crime allegations, including those under the CFAA and other state or federal statutes. Due to the serious nature of these charges and the life-altering penalties defendants face upon conviction, seeking the immediate involvement of our legal team as soon as possible after an investigation or arrest is critical.

Over the years, our legal team has become known for their roles as leading authorities in this challenging and ever-evolving area of law. For example, Attorney Eric Nemecek is Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Cybercrime Committee, and Attorney Ian Friedman is a leading author, professor, and speaker in the area of computer and internet crimes.

Our insight and resources, as well as our ability to stay on the forefront of new cases and legal trends, can prove invaluable to clients who face off against the federal government, which capitalizes on nearly unlimited resources, targeted cybercrime enforcement units, and experts of their own.

If you wish to learn more about our cyber litigation services and how our award-winning legal team can provide the defense you need in Cuyahoga County or Geauga County, contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

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