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Phishing Crime Defense in Cleveland

Defense Against Phishing Allegations

The rapid development of technology over the last several decades has enabled us to enjoy faster and more effective communication, transactions, and interactions. However, these technological advancements have also created a new market for criminal activity.

Email has become one of the most dominant forms of communication. Through this, many computer crimes have developed. Phishing is one such crime that has grown over the years, causing the government to crack down hard with severe federal punishments.

Attorney Eric Nemecek is a co-chair of the American Bar Association's Cybercrime Committee, and Attorney Ian Friedman is a leading author, professor, and speaker in the area of computer and internet crimes.

Phishing Charges in Cleveland

When an individual intentionally sends text messages, emails, or any other type of online or electronic communication to another person to try and convince them to provide personal information for the other individual's gain, it is considered phishing. These scams may use emails that look like they come from trusted sources, such as Wells Fargo, Amazon, or even a government agency in order to encourage the person to open it and provide sensitive information. This can also involve websites that are specifically set up to obtain this type of data from a visitor.

These phishing messages often ask for a recipient to reply to the message with their:

  • Full name
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Various account passwords
  • Any other identifying information

Penalties for Information Phishing in Ohio

Typically, the end goal of a phishing crime is to obtain enough information to commit identity theft. That means individuals charged with phishing often face charges for identity theft as well, stacking up serious penalties. A defendant may be forced to spend time in jail or prison, pay fines and restitution to any victims, and serve a probation sentence.

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