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Internet Sex Crimes

Defense Against Computer Sex Crimes

Years ago, we observed a rapidly growing trend toward the prosecution of computer based criminal offenses. In particular, we witnessed an exponential increase in allegations of computer sex offenses which needed legal representation. Study of this trend and the methodology of prosecutions throughout the United States made it evident that the lawyers would need to place great focus on the defense of these cases if they were to be effective.

Computer sex offenses are unlike traditional crimes that most criminal defense lawyers are accustomed to handling. These cases present very complex and unique issues that demand a lawyer skilled in the particular discipline. In line with our overall goal to afford all of our clients the best available defense strategy, a segment of the law firm was designed specifically to handle computer sex offenses.

Hire an Experienced Internet Sex Crime Lawyer

As a result of this focus, Friedman & Nemecek, LLC Attorneys at Law represent individuals charged with a variety of internet crimes and computer sex offenses in jurisdictions across the country. The lawyers of this firm are routinely hired by individuals seeking greater knowledge and experience in this realm of cases.

In recognition of our vast experience, our lawyers are frequent lecturers, authors, and guests invited to discuss issues pertaining to technology based offenses. In sum, this is not a law firm retained to handle computer offenses periodically. Instead, this firm engages in representation of these specific offenses daily. It is this type of depth that enables us to challenge existing law and procedure to the benefit of our clients.

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