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An Unorthodox Approach to Delivering Extraordinary Results

Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C. have come to be recognized as one of the premier firms in the state. We have offered answers to common questions we have been asked.

  • Answers from a Prominent Cleveland Criminal Defense Lawyer

    • Can I avoid conviction?

      All criminal cases have flaws, and there truly is no "perfect" case. Our first action for the clients we represent is to sift through every detail of the evidence and identify the flaws and holes in the case, whether in witness statements, lab procedures, chain of custody of evidence, police procedure or in any other detail. We offer a free initial case evaluation so that you can speak directly with a lawyer to find out more. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, we can help you make an educated decision about what to do.

      If you were wrongfully accused of a crime, you are still at risk of conviction if you are not represented by a talented trial lawyer. Once charged, assume that the prosecutor believes there is sufficient evidence to convict. Speak with us to learn more. The simple answer is that many cases have strong potential for achieving a positive outcome with the right strategy.

    • Will I go to jail or prison?

      Different offenses have varying levels of penalties, and some have mandatory jail or prison sentences. You may be taken into custody after your arrest, and will remain in jail until released on bail or until your charges are dismissed. If you are tried and found guilty, you could be placed on probation and avoid jail or prison. That question could best be answered once all of your case facts are considered by one of our lawyers.

      In some crimes, there are mandatory prison sentences that must be imposed in a conviction. Other crimes may have options, such as the ability to negotiate a lesser crime and sentence, or a deal that could be arranged with the prosecutor. In many criminal charges, the accused is taken into custody until a bail hearing takes place. It is extremely important that you have a highly skilled attorney working with you throughout the process, including the bail hearing, as the amount in bail you may have to pay to be released can vary widely.

      The key is to retain an experienced Cleveland Criminal Defense Lawyer to evaluate your situation with regard to potential penalties, alternatives to incarceration, and the possibility of achieving an acquittal or a case dismissal. Every case is different in the amount and the quality of existing evidence, and what other evidence could be sought to support the case for the defense.

    • What penalties am I facing?

      Penalties vary widely, based upon the type of offense. A traffic violation may only results in a fines and points on your license, and a violent felony offense could lead to thousands of dollars in fines and time in state prison, restitution, treatment, and other heavy punishments. It is advised that you contact our firm for specifics and so that our attorney can review the facts in your case.

    • What are my rights in an arrest?

      You have the right to remain silent. Police officers and other criminal investigators are trained in interrogation techniques, and it is imperative that you exercise your Constitutional right to remain silent, and it may be prudent to get an attorney immediately. As law enforcement can use deceptive tactics in order to obtain statements, the situation is very dangerous. Cooperating may seem like a good idea, but many people have damaged their own defense cases by making statements while under pressure, or confused. You have the right to retain a lawyer of your choice or, if you cannot afford your own attorney, the court can appoint a lawyer to represent you.

    • Why hire a criminal defense lawyer from your firm?

      Very early on after the establishment of the firm, Friedman Nemecek & Long, L.L.C. Attorneys at Law gained recognition as one of the most hardworking and effective criminal trial firms in Cleveland, and beyond. We are now called upon to represent individuals throughout Ohio and across the USA. We have been retained to represent defendants internationally as far away as Europe and Asia. Clients come to us because we have been retained to represent individuals internationally as well. We are unfettered by conventional thinking, and we have uncommon insight into defense case preparation and presentation. Our lawyers often use unique or unorthodox strategies to create an impact on the jury that could lead to a positive outcome. Consult an attorney from our team today to learn more!

    • Does your firm handle civil cases?

      Due to our extensive trial experience our team is often sought out to provide representation in civil matters. In some situations we will take on these cases but if we are unable to assist, then at the very least we can provide a reference.