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Attorney Friedman Defends Teacher in Bullying Case


A recent news article covered the details of a bullying-related case that is currently being handled by Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Ian N. Friedman. In the case, Attorney Friedman is providing legal representation to a substitute teacher who has been charged with endangering children (a first-degree misdemeanor) based on allegations that he did not properly try to stop a bullying incident in his class.

According to the article, Attorney Friedman was successful in getting the judge to grant time for the defense to review a video of the bullying incident, which occurred at Parma Senior High School. Mr. Friedman asked for 30 days to review the footage, which led to the judge setting May 28, 2014 as the defendant's pre-trial hearing date.

As reported on, Attorney Friedman said it is his belief that the video footage will serve as a form of corroboration for his client's plea of not guilty. He stated that after having the chance to view this video, his client will have "more direction" in the legal matter. Mr. Friedman said the defense looks forward to the next court date.

The alleged incident involves a 14-year-old boy with developmental disabilities who is said to have been bullied in gym class on Feb. 28 by other students who were around his age. According to the details of the police report, it is alleged that one student repeatedly hit the victim on the head with a ball from up close and that another student laughed and kicked the victim in the groin.

Police say that the teacher cleared away the group of students who were around the victim, but that he then went back to teaching at another part of the gym while the victim was lying on the floor. It is stated that the bullying then continued, with one student dragging the victim across the gym floor and two others making obscene gestures toward the victim. In the end, five students from the school and the substitute teacher were faced with charges.

Every person deserves a fair chance to present his or her side of the story when faced with criminal allegations. Attorney Friedman works tirelessly to ensure that his clients are properly represented in court and that their rights are being effectively preserved throughout the criminal justice process. If you have been accused of a crime, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Friedman for high-quality legal support! He provides cutting-edge criminal defense in various types of cases.