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Case Results

Employing a strategic approach to every case we handle, our lawyers have achieved victories for past clients. Read more about some of our results below. If you need experienced and skilled legal representation, call us at (888) 694-4645 or contact us online today.

  • Not Guilty Assault
    The Defendant was charged with Assault as a result of an altercation outside a popular nightclub. Despite witness testimony that the Defendant was the primary participant in the altercation, the jury found the Defendant Not Guilty of all charges. The co-defendant, who was tried at the same time, was convicted.
  • Penalties Reduced Trafficking in Cocaine
    The State charged the Defendant with Trafficking in Cocaine after finding cocaine and various items purportedly typical in trafficking schemes in his vehicle. The defense argued that evidence of only possession existed, which was a lesser degree offense falling outside of the mandatory prison range. Despite the State’s argument to the contrary, the judge found the Defendant Not Guilty of the more serious Trafficking. The Defendant was placed on basic probation.
  • Penalty Reduced to Probation Only $75 Million Investment Fraud
    Stockbroker was indicted in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division. The indictment alleged that the Defendant engaged in a conspiracy to engage in fraudulent investment trading programs, also known as high-yield investment fraud. It was alleged that the Defendant yielded approximately seventy-five million dollars as a result of the enterprise. The case resolved after a plea arrangement was orchestrated resulting in probation only.
  • Not Guilty Vehicular Homicide
    Defendant was charged with vehicular homicide after striking another vehicle. It was reported that the Defendant was traveling at a high rate of speed. Despite the tragic death, the jury found the Defendant guilty of Unsafe Vehicle, a Minor Misdemeanor carrying a potential One Hundred Dollar Fine and acquitted him of the Homicide charge. Ian Friedman was trial counsel.
  • Not Guilty Money Counterfeiting Scheme
    Juvenile charged with counterfeiting and theft for alleged widespread scheme to distribute counterfeit bills. After a search pursuant to a warrant revealed evidence supporting said claim, the judge found the juvenile not delinquent after the defense demonstrated that all elements of the offense were not present. Ian Friedman served as trial counsel.
  • Sentence Significantly Reduced $60 Million Dollar Securities Fraud
    Described as the second largest fraud case ever investigated by the Ohio Division of Securities, the law firm obtained the lowest recorded sentence on behalf of their client. The client was the project manager of a multi-use commercial property that was funded by investor money. It was alleged that the client violated securities regulations by accepting more than $60 million dollars in unsecured promissory notes. Facing multiple life sentences, the law firm secured a resolution that yielded a three year term of incarceration.
  • Not Guilty Theft
    Fifty-five year old grandmother was charged with theft and destruction of government documents after shredding purported sensitive documents at her workplace addressing matters of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. The prosecution argued that this action was in retaliation against her hostile employer for a purported forced resignation. The jury acquitted Ms. ____ of all charges.
  • Case Dismissed Murder
    Seventy-five year old woman charged with aggravated murder of her husband of more than fifty (50) years. Publically characterized as a “mercy killing,” Ms. _____ was alleged to have shot her husband in the head to ease his pain from heart disease. While the criminal investigation continued, a Complaint in Replevin was filed. The law firm represented Ms. ____ in both the criminal and civil cases. The law firm obtained evidence and information that lead to the dismissal of all charges.
  • Charges Dropped Sexual Assault
    Professional athlete was accused of committing a sexual assault. Before grand jury presentation, efforts were undertaken by the firm and our investigators to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation into the allegations. The information obtained by the defense was forwarded to both law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. Based upon the information produced by the defense, authorities declined to pursue criminal charges against the client.
  • Not Guilty Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Homicide, And Tampering With Evidence In Fraternity Death Case
    A 20-year-old college student died as a result of fatal alcohol intoxication while at a fraternity Big Little event. 8 fraternity members were charged with felonies including involuntary manslauter, reckless homicide, tampering with evidence, and several misdemanor offenses. Our team, led by Attorneys Eric Long and Tyler Walchanowicz successfully defended one of the defendants during a two week trial and secured a “Not Guilty” verdict on all felony counts and charges that he caused the death.
  • Convictions Reversed Rape

    A licensed physician retained Friedman & Nemecek for appellate purposes after being convicted at trial of multiple counts of Rape. Attorney Eric Nemecek appealed the convictions, arguing, inter alia, that the convictions were not supported by credible evidence and that the trial court erroneously admitted testimony from the lead detective in the case. The 8th District Court of Appeals agreed, reversing the client’s convictions and remanding the case to the trial court for a new trial. The client will be released from prison pending a new trial and is in the process of getting his license reinstated through the Ohio State Medical Board. 

  • Convictions Reversed Appeal - Drug Trafficking
    Client was arrested during the raid of an acquaintance's house in March 2014 and later convicted of multiple drug trafficking charges, the most serious of which included cocaine and heroin. Attorney Ian Friedman brought the appeal of these convictions to the Court of Appeals of Ohio. The court agreed that the client's proximity to and association with others who had broken the law did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he himself was collaborating with the traffickers. The cocaine and heroin trafficking convictions against the client were vacated.
  • Not Gulity Possession of Heroin and Trafficking in Heroin
    Forty seven year old government employee was indicted for Possession of Heroin and Trafficking in Heroin after a police task force consisting of two local police departments and one federal agency sifted through her trash and executed a warrant for the search of her residence. It was alleged that ten (10) packets of heroin were located in the trash. This case received media attention as it revealed questionable tactics by law enforcement officers after testimony provided that detectives posed as garbage men and randomly seized trash from homes to look for evidence of wrongdoing. After the State rested, the trial court granted the defense motion for acquittal. The defendant was found not guilty on all counts and released.
  • Penalties Significantly Reduced Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Murder
    The client was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Murder and related offenses. Through extensive pretrial investigation, the attorneys at Friedman & Nemecek obtained evidence that contradicted the State's theory of the case with respect to the client's involvement in the Conspiracy and Murder. All co-defendants were convicted of murder and were sentenced to long prison terms including life without parole. Our client was offered a misdemeanor offense and was ultimately sentenced to pay a $1,000.00 fine. He did not even receive a term of probation.
  • Client Released from Jail Appeal - Rape
    The law firm was hired after the client had been convicted at a bench trial of raping a minor which carried a mandatory life sentence. The defense team crafted a Motion For New Trial raising numerous legal and factual issues. The trial judge recused himself and the matter was randomly assigned to another judge on the Common Pleas bench. Extensive motions were submitted to the trial court for consideration of the motion. The court granted a hearing which resulted in two days of testimony and argument. At its conclusion, the court determined that the client was denied his right to effective assistance of counsel at the trial and that a new trial was warranted. Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek handled the matter. The client was immediately released from jail.
  • Case Dismissed Assault
    Ohio school teacher learned that she was unable to keep her State license to teach due to the fact that she had entered a plea to the charge of assault approximately ten (10) years earlier. The defense made a challenge to the Constitutionality of the plea in its Motion to Vacate the Plea and dismiss the case. The Court granted said motion and the State dismissed the case. Ian Friedman was joined by our team in crafting the motion.
  • Case Dismissed DUI
    The Defendant was stopped for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. If convicted, this would have been her third DUI within the statutory six (6) year period. After Field Sobriety Tests were conducted, the Defendant was placed under arrest for DUI. A Breathalyzer test revealed that the Defendant was almost five (5) times the legal limit. The defense filed a Motion To Suppress alleging that there was no reasonable suspicion justifying the initial stop. After all evidence was presented by Ian Friedman at the suppression hearing, the Court granted the Motion and all evidence obtained as a result of the stop was excluded from trial. The State dismissed the case.
  • Not Guilty 102 Sexual Assault Counts
    Fifty-eight (58) year old business owner was charged with One hundred and two (102) sexual assault counts including Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, and Kidnapping. Nine (9) former employees made the allegations that the offenses happened while they were employed by the Defendant. Our law firm moved to sever (separate) the accuser’s claims which was granted. Nine (9) separate trials were ordered. Four (4) acquittals were secured in the first four (4) trials. Three (3) trials were before a jury and one (1) was before the Court. Prior to the commencement of the fifth trial, the State dismissed all remaining counts. The client did not have any convictions in the end.
  • Penalty Reduced Sex Crime
    Seventeen year Navy officer was indicted for four counts of Rape of a Minor (11 y.o. daughter) with Repeat Violent Offender Specifications causing the alleged offenses to carry mandatory life sentences without parole if convicted. An additional count of Gross Sexual Imposition with Specifications was also included. Focus was put on the pre-trial Motions in this case. As the trial Court convened for pre-trial motion hearings on the day of trial, a plea to a third degree misdemeanor was secured on behalf of the Defendant. This resulted in no jail, prison, or sexual offender classification.
  • Not Guilty Forgery
    Fifty-six year old woman accused of forging National Securities Division documents in Kentucky and transmitting said documents out-of-state for gain. She was charged in the Commonwealth of Kentucky with one count of forgery, a second degree, Class D, felony. An extensive investigation by the defense was conducted prior to grand jury proceedings which included the utilization of forensic handwriting analysis, private investigation, and extensive examination at the preliminary proceedings. Despite a two year investigation by prosecutors, the matter was concluded at the grand jury level. Exculpatory evidence obtained by the defense was presented causing the jury to issue a No True Bill. At a subsequent licensing hearing before the Ohio Commission, counsel was called to testify as an expert witness in the field of criminal defense.
  • Penalties Reduced Felonious Assault
    The Defendant was charged with four counts of Felonious Assault with Peace officer specifications after he purportedly tried to hit four (4) officers with his automobile. The officers reported that they were dragged by the vehicle as it fled the scene. The Defendant faced a potential of forty years in prison if convicted. After almost two weeks of trial, the prosecutor offered a plea resolution which was approved by the Court and accepted by the client. The reduced charges allowed the client to serve only thirty days in custody. He was released without incident.
  • No Incarceration ODOT Corruption
    A thirty-nine (39) year old Geauga County business owner was indicted, along with seven codefendants, with multiple offenses in connection with the Ohio Department of Transportation corruption probe. Our client was charged with various offenses including bribery, attempted bribery, and attempted tampering with records. The allegation was that he engaged in various activities aimed at bribing officials to steer ODOT contracts to his company. Although facing more than a decade in prison, Ian Friedman secured a sanction of Community Controlled Sanction (probation) for their client. He did not serve any period of incarceration.
  • Full Acquittal Child Rape
    The law firm was retained to handle post-conviction representation of a thirty-two year old businessman. After already being convicted of child rape and subjected to a life sentence with no early release, the law firm secured a new trial after exposing new evidence that should have been presented at the trial. The second trial proceeded before a jury which acquitted the client on the count of Rape. Efforts by the state to introduce a lesser included offense of Gross Sexual Imposition were successfully countered. As such, the client was released without any further sanction. Ian Friedman & Eric Nemecek served as trial counsel.
  • Exonerated by the Court of Appeals Contempt of Court
    In a highly publicized matter, a newly licensed public defender was held in contempt of court by the trial judge after refusing to proceed to trial on behalf of his client. The lawyer has been assigned to the case only one day earlier and was unable to effectively prepare the case if caused begin the trial. With the support of lawyers and legal organizations across the United States, Ian N. Friedman served as lead counsel on behalf of the lawyer. The extended hearing in the trial court yielded a reduction of sentence to a mere fine. Recognizing the unfavorable precedent and poor principle, Eric C. Nemecek spearheaded the appellate effort which was eventually argued before the Ohio Eleventh District Court of Appeals. In a wide reaching decision, the Court of Appeals overturned the conviction mandating that a defendant’s right to a fair trial and the effective representation of counsel outweighs the court’s concern for processing of the docket. This case garnered national attention as a defendant’s constitutional rights were placed in jeopardy by the trial court. After being held in contempt, the lawyer was exonerated by the Court of Appeals. According to a Plain Dealer Article, Judge John Plough ‘abused discretion’ court rules. This case garnered national attention and was watched closely by prosecutors and defense lawyers alike from coast-to-coast. Although several hundred lawyers joined at counsel of record, Ian Friedman was lead counsel handling courtroom litigation and successful appellate argument.
  • Not Guilty Rape
    A twenty-two year old Case Western Reserve University student was indicted on one count of Rape and one count of Gross Sexual Imposition after a fellow student lodged a complaint at the University Hospital of Ohio. The accuser alleged that the young man committed the sexual acts while she was unable to consent due to her high level of alcohol intoxication. Moreover, she alleged that the defendant administered Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid (more commonly known as GHB or Date Rape Drug), to her. Prior to trial, the client was in the military Officer Training Program with the aspiration to be a Marine pilot. After a thorough investigation by the defense, Attorney Ian Friedman presented the case to a jury. As a result of cross-examination by the defense, the credibility of the allegations were severely called into question. The jury was presented with scientific and medical evidence including DNA evidence that conflicted with the allegation lodged by the accuser. After four days of trial and just moments before closing arguments were to begin, the trial court granted the defense motion for an acquittal. The court dismissed all counts of the indictment citing the lack of credibility in the claim in light of the conflicting testimonial and forensic evidence. After two years, the client exited the courtroom free of any charges.
  • Not Guilty Aggravated Arson
    Husband and wife Defendants were indicted for several felony counts including Aggravated Arson for allegedly hiring individuals to burn their home for financial gain. The matter proceeded to jury trial in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. Evidence included the testimony of three co-defendants implicating the Defendants as well as evidence from investigating insurance companies. Both Defendants were represented by lawyers from the law firm. The wife was acquitted by the Court at the conclusion of the State’s case by the Court. The husband was found Not Guilty on all counts by the jury.
  • Not Guilty Rape
    The Defendant was charged with two counts of rape of his wife’s friend. The State presented forensic evidence to support the fact that the Defendant forced sex upon the victim. The jury acquitted the Defendant on all charges.
  • Case Dismissed Multiple Sexual Charges
    Doctor charged with numerous sexual offenses including two counts of rape, kidnapping, and gross sexual imposition. The alleged victim was his daughter. After an extensive six month investigation, the Defense motioned the appellate court to hold an evidentiary hearing pursuant to a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Based upon the evidence which was to be presented at the hearing, the State dismissed all counts. Further, a Proclamation of Innocence was obtained on behalf of the client which was signed by the Prosecutors’ office. Ian Friedman was lead counsel.
  • Not Guilty Murder
    A Veteran Ohio Firefighter was indicted for Murder, Tampering With Evidence, and Felonious Assault after an allegation that he punched an 81 year old man causing him to fall and break his hip. The coroner’s office ruled that the man’s death sixteen months later was a direct result of the fall and fracture. After almost two years of pre-trial proceedings and a two and one half week trial, the jury took only two hours to find him Not Guilty on all counts. As a result of the case, the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s office was criticized by the jury causing intense public scrutiny of the office in the media. Ian Friedman tried the case.
  • New Trial Granted Appeal - Gross Sexual Imposition, and Kidnapping
    The Defendant retained the law firm after being convicted of Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, and Kidnapping. The lawyers in the firm argued the case to the Eighth District Court of Appeals asserting that the Defendant’s legal rights had been violated at trial. In agreement with defense counsel, the Court reversed and remanded the case. The Defendant was granted a new trial.
  • No Charges Filed Child Pornography
    Digital imaging expert and lawyer comes under fire after being accused of creating exhibits to be used in court which depicted child pornography. Although created to highlight the advances in digital technology and how that may affect cases within the pornography and obscenity realm, investigating agencies opined that such conduct was in violation of current federal law. Thorough case investigation resulted in no charges being filed.
  • Charges Dropped Rape Of A Minor
    Client was under investigation for an alleged rape of a minor child. The accuser's parents also moved for a Civil Protection Order. The attorneys at Friedman & Nemecek utilized available civil proceedings as a means to obtain additional, exculpatory evidence regarding the criminal accusations. The attorneys provided this information to law enforcement officers. Based upon this newly-discovered information, the prosecutor's office declined to pursue criminal charges.
  • Penalty Reduced Juvenile Crime
    Juvenile charged with Felonious Assault with Peace officer Specification. Officer alleged that juvenile slashed his arm with a box cutter necessitating extensive medical treatment. Judge found juvenile delinquent of lesser included misdemeanor and ordered that the juvenile was not to be placed under any supervision, pay any restitution, or fine.
  • Penalty Reduced Domestic Violence
    Mr. ****** was convicted of several domestic oriented offenses causing the trial court to impose a fifteen (15) year period of incarceration. The conviction was based in large part on the testimony of a clinical psychologist that diagnosed the victim as suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome. This diagnosis explained the vast number of inconsistencies by the victim allowing for the conviction. This law firm was retained to appeal the conviction. The primary issue presented on appeal was whether the State violated the defendant’s right to a fair trial when the evidence of Battered Woman Syndrome was introduced into evidence. Long standing statute and precedent should have barred admission. The Eleventh District Court of Appeals heard the matter. In a two to one decision, the Court held that the law should permit for the introduction of this type of testimony. Recognizing that the decision was in conflict with existing authority, the court certified the conflict to the Ohio Supreme Court. Oral arguments were presented to the Ohio Supreme Court and the state of the law was changed in Ohio as a result. Mr. ****** was returned to the trial court for new proceedings. He accepted the state’s plea offer which substantially reduced the term of incarceration.
  • Acquittal Possession and Trafficking of Cocaine
    The Defendant was charged with several felony counts including Possession and Trafficking of Cocaine. The evidence included monitored telephone calls, police surveillancae, and seizure of the narcotics found in the Defendant’s vehicle. The matter proceeded to jury trial. At the conclusion of the State’s case, counsel moved for acquittal alleging that the State had not met the minimal burden necessary. The Court granted the motion and ordered the Defendant released and discharged.
  • Penalties Reduced RICO, Telecommunications Fraud, Aggravated Theft, Money Laundering, and Receiving Stolen Property
    The Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office secured a twenty five (25) count indictment against businessman alleging RICO, Telecommunications Fraud, Aggravated Theft, Money Laundering, and Receiving Stolen Property. After a search of our client's pawn and collectible business by the FBI, IRS, and Secret Service, the government alleged that the operation exposed to the case to be the largest eBay theft case in the United States. After more than one year of tireless and aggressive litigation, the government extended a plea to a single low-level count of Receiving Stolen Property. Several seized truckloads of merchandise were returned to our client and he was given only probation. He is eligible to have the loan count sealed.
  • Charges Dismissed Entering Casino While Underage
    Professional athlete accused of entering a Ohio Casino while under the age of 21. After negotiations with the prosecutor's office, the client was permitted to enter a first offender diversion program whereby all charges were eventually sealed and dismissed.
  • Reversed and Remanded Appeal - Vehicular Assault

    After being retained as appellate counsel, Attorneys Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek secured a new trial today in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas for a young business manager who had previously been convicted at a bench trial of vehicular assault. The client had previously been sentenced to five years in prison.

    They argued that the prior defense lawyers were ineffective at trial and that the prosecution improperly admitted prejudicial evidence. All three judges ruled that the case should be reversed and remanded. Mr. Friedman and his team will be serving as trial counsel at the next trial. The client is to be released from prison.
  • Not Guilty Rape
    Thirty year old man was terminated from his employment after his coworker accused him of rape and kidnapping the night before. He was subsequently indicted causing him to hire counsel. Despite his protestation of innocence, his criminal defense lawyer convinced him to minimize his exposure and accept a plea agreement. The plea labeled him a sex offender and yielded a mandatory prison sentence. Just before sentencing, the young man hired our law firm to vacate his plea. The basis was that it was not made voluntarily, intelligently, and knowingly. After an extensive hearing with several witnesses called, including prior counsel, the court granted the Motion to Vacate. We investigated the case and proceeded to trial. After a weeklong trial, the jury took only hours before finding our client Not Guilty of all charges. Thereafter, a suit was filed by our client against the accuser for her malicious conduct and his prior employer for wrongful termination.
  • Local Hotel Raided
    Local hotel was raided and subjected to civil prosecution for operating as a nuisance. After protracted litigation and hearings, Attorney Nemecek secured an agreed resolution of the case that allowed the owners to retain possession and control of the property. Furthermore, the owners were permitted access to the premises and were allowed to market and sell the property without encumbrance.
  • Guilty Pleas Withdrawn & Case Dismissed Appeal - Child Porn
    Client was charged in Federal court with receipt and distribution of child pornography. After entering a "Guilty" plea, the client was sentenced to 17 years in prison. The client retained Attorney Nemecek to represent him in post-conviction proceedings. Through the habeas process and a delayed direct appeal, the client was permitted to withdraw his previously-entered plea. The Government dismissed the case thereafter.
  • Motion Granted Felony Drug Charges
    While traveling through Ohio, the Ohio State Highway Patrol effectuated a traffic stop of the client's vehicle for alleged traffic violations. During the course of the stop, law enforcement utilized a K-9 dog and conducted a search of the car. The search revealed approximately 250 pounds of marijuana, and the client was indicted for possession and trafficking of marijuana, felonies of the second degree. Such charges carried mandatory prison terms. After receiving the discovery information, Attorneys Friedman and Nemecek filed a Motion asking the Court to suppress all evidence seized during the course of the search. After two days of hearings, the Court granted the defense's request and all of the marijuana and related evidence was excluded.
  • Deportation Avoided Federal Bribery and False Statement
    Non-citizen client was indicted with federal bribery and false statement offenses related to a highly publicized corruption conspiracy. If convicted as charged, the client faced a substantial term of incarceration as well as mandatory deportation. The attorneys at Friedman & Nemecek employed an aggressive approach in defending the case, including conducting an independent investigation into the allegations as well as comprehensive motion practice. Through their efforts, the attorneys were able to secure a plea agreement to a reduced charge. The United States Sentencing Guidelines recommended a prison sentence. The client was able to avoid deportation from the United States and ultimately received a sentence of probation from the Court.
  • Vacated & Remanded Appeal - Multiple Counts of Rape
    While represented by other counsel, the client entered "Guilty" pleas to several counts of Rape. After receiving a sentence of 2 years, he retained Attorney Nemecek to represent him in post-conviction proceedings. Attorney Nemecek successfully argued that the client's plea was not knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently entered. Accordingly, the Court of Appeals vacated the client's plea and remanded the matter for a new trial.
  • Conviction Vacated Drug Charges In Post-Conviction Proceedings
    At trial, the client was convicted of several offenses related to the possession and trafficking of illegal narcotics. He was sentenced to serve 7 years in prison. Thereafter, he retained Attorney Nemecek to represent him on the direct appeal. Attorney Nemecek successfully argued that the State presented insufficient evidence to sustain convictions against the client for the more serious offenses. As a result, those convictions were vacated, he was sentenced to credit for time already served, and was immediately released.
  • Penalty Significantly Reduced Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
    Client was under federal investigation for alleged violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The Government initially contended that the total loss amount attributable to the client's conduct was over $20 million which would have resulted in a substantial prison term. Through discussions with the Government, Attorney Nemecek was able to establish that the loss amount was drastically less than the Government alleged. The client was permitted to plead to a significantly reduced offense and was sentenced to a minimal term of probationary supervision.
  • Mistrial Murder
    Former Air Force Security Officer was indicted with Murder after shooting her husband ten times while in their home. Attorneys Friedman and Long presented a self-defense case based upon a theory of Battered Woman Syndrome. After more than two weeks of trial, the jury deadlocked resulting in a mistrial. Our client has been out of jail on bond throughout the entire case.
  • Case Dismissed Child Endangerment
    A non-resident physician was charged with two counts of child endangerment after leaving her two children in her vehicle to run errands. Faced with immigration implications and professional repercussions, Attorney Friedman was able to have the matter dismissed. The firm then moved to seal the record of arrest which was granted. The client avoided any immigration or professional consequences.
  • No Charges Filed Rape and Kidnapping
    Local college student was accused of rape and kidnapping after an all too often "date rape" like scenario. The university, through its Title IX guidelines, revoked his student credentials and removed him from campus. The matter was forwarded to law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. As we've done successfully many times over the years, we aggressively pursued our private investigation and contested the Title IX procedure. Our investigation revealed significant inconsistencies in the accuser's claim. As such, no charges were brought and the client's school record showed no adverse mark.
  • Full Acquittal Assault
    Former police officer was charged with assault for a purported attack on his girlfriend. There were injuries visible to the first responding officers. Our client claimed that he acted in self-defense. Attorney Friedman served as trial counsel. In Ohio, self-defense is an affirmative defense which shifts some burden onto the client. Attorney Friedman was successful in his cross-examination of the officers and the accuser. Even though the defense had the burden, Attorney Friedman rested without calling a single witness. Based upon the cross-examination of the accuser, the jury determined that the client did act in self-defense. He was fully acquitted.
  • Not Guilty CEO and CFO of Large Company in Ohio Indicted
    CEO of one of the largest companies in northeast Ohio was indicted along with the CFO and the company as a whole. Attorney Friedman was chosen to represent the company at the highly publicized and anticipated trial. The company faced indictment for Conspiracy to Violate Campaign Finance Laws, Violation of Campaign Finance Laws- Contributions in the Name of Another, Violation of Campaign Corporate Contributions, Causing False Statements, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, and Obstruction of Justice. The jury trial commenced in the Northern District of Ohio, Federal Court and spanned five weeks. The CFO pled guilty which caused the government to contend that guilt was automatically imputed upon the company. In the end, the jury cleared the company of any wrongdoing with a sweeping finding of Not Guilty on all charges. The company and all of its employees were able to continue operations, without fear of closure.
  • Case Dismissed Corrupt Activity and Grand Theft
    Successful entrepreneur and patent holder was indicted in a three count indictment alleging Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity, and Grand Theft (2). The dispute revolved around a business venture gone bad and ownership of a patented process. The loss amount was capped at $150,000.00. Through pre-indictment negotiation that spanned years and post-indictment litigation, Attorney Friedman was able to secure a complete dismissal of all indicted offenses.
  • Penalties Reduced to Misdemeanor Aggravated Burglary, Attempted Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, and Kidnapping
    Sixty-five year old retired Ohio Detective was indicted for Aggravated Burglary, Attempted Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, and Kidnapping, all with Firearm Specifications. The accuser alleged that while on duty the detective committed the offenses while investigating another matter in her home. The case was litigated by Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek. After almost one year of intense pre-trial motion debate, the jury was summoned to the courtroom to begin trial. The State of Ohio then accepted defense counsel’s proposal to conclude the case with only a misdemeanor plea. As such, the client was ultimately convicted of Dereliction of Duty which resulted in a $750.00 fine and six (months) of unmonitored probation. The client exited the courtroom to return home.
  • Motion Granted to Exclude All Evidence Trafficking 250 Pounds of Marijuana

    Out-of-State clients were stopped by Ohio State Highway Patrol Drug Interdiction K-9 Team while traveling through Ohio. Driver and passenger were indicted in Lorain County Court of Common Pleas with Drug Possession and Trafficking for 250 pounds of marijuana located in the bed of their pick-up truck. Faced with a potential prison sentence of sixteen (16) years, Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek crafted a Motion to Suppress. Attorney Friedman cross-examined several Troopers resulting in the trial court granting the defense Motion to exclude all seized contraband from trial. The State of Ohio successfully appealed the ruling having the matter returned to the trial court for further review. Again, the trial court granted the defense Motion to exclude all evidence. The clients returned to their homes in Las Vegas.

  • Dismissed Burglary, Criminal Damaging & Aggravated Menacing

    Client faced several years in prison after being indicted with Burglary, Criminal Damaging, and Aggravated Menacing. Attorney Madelyn Grant rendered the legal representation which resulted in a complete dismissal of all charges. What appeared to be a routine claim and government prosecution, resulted in a case where forensic analysis led to an entirely different scenario. Specifically, forensic imaging analysis of digital video provided by the State, were examined with a particular focus on the accompanying metadata. After a meticulous re-creation of the evidence, defense counsel moved the government to reassess the case. After doing so, the client was fully exonerated.

  • Dismissed With Prejudice Unlawful Sexual Conduct With A Minor

    College Student indicted after traveling to engage in sexual relationship with woman believed to be of majority age in State of Ohio. Police revealed that age of female was under recognized age of consent and indicted young man. Despite extensive attempts to resolve the matter before indictment, including the successful administration of a polygraph examination and the sharing of persuasive online evidence contradicting the accuser’s claims, the State proceeded with a felony prosecution. Defense counsel Ian Friedman and Madelyn Grant mounted an elaborate online investigation that exposed fatal flaws in the government’s case. Moreover, it was learned that the grand jury process was flawed which required a dismissal of the case. Facing the prospect of a prison sentence and placement on the public Sex Offender Database, the client returned home free from any further criminal repercussion.

  • Prosecution Declined Cryptocurrency Case Resolution

    Prosecution declined in international cryptocurrency scheme investigation; Ian Friedman, Esq., Eric Long, Esq., and Madelyn Grant, Esq., represented targeted marketing executive during dual federal jurisdictional investigation for purported conduct including Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy to Commit Commodity Price Manipulation. Counsel further successfully represented the client before the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission during an action to recoup monies for the sale of cryptocurrency that the government contended constituted the improper sale of securities.