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Case Results

Employing a strategic approach to every case we handle, our lawyers have achieved victories for past clients. Read more about some of our results below. If you need experienced and skilled legal representation, call us at (888) 694-4645 or contact us online today.

  • Not Guilty Assault
    The Defendant was charged with Assault as a result of an altercation outside a popular nightclub. Despite witness testimony that the Defendant was the primary participant in the altercation, the jury found the Defendant Not Guilty of all charges. The co-defendant, who was tried at the same time, was convicted.
  • Penalties Reduced Trafficking in Cocaine
    The State charged the Defendant with Trafficking in Cocaine after finding cocaine and various items purportedly typical in trafficking schemes in his vehicle. The defense argued that evidence of only possession existed, which was a lesser degree offense falling outside of the mandatory prison range. Despite the State’s argument to the contrary, the judge found the Defendant Not Guilty of the more serious Trafficking. The Defendant was placed on basic probation.
  • Penalty Reduced to Probation Only $75 Million Investment Fraud
    Stockbroker was indicted in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division. The indictment alleged that the Defendant engaged in a conspiracy to engage in fraudulent investment trading programs, also known as high-yield investment fraud. It was alleged that the Defendant yielded approximately seventy-five million dollars as a result of the enterprise. The case resolved after a plea arrangement was orchestrated resulting in probation only.
  • Not Guilty Vehicular Homicide
    Defendant was charged with vehicular homicide after striking another vehicle. It was reported that the Defendant was traveling at a high rate of speed. Despite the tragic death, the jury found the Defendant guilty of Unsafe Vehicle, a Minor Misdemeanor carrying a potential One Hundred Dollar Fine and acquitted him of the Homicide charge. Ian Friedman was trial counsel.
  • Not Guilty Money Counterfeiting Scheme
    Juvenile charged with counterfeiting and theft for alleged widespread scheme to distribute counterfeit bills. After a search pursuant to a warrant revealed evidence supporting said claim, the judge found the juvenile not delinquent after the defense demonstrated that all elements of the offense were not present. Ian Friedman served as trial counsel.
  • Sentence Significantly Reduced $60 Million Dollar Securities Fraud
    Described as the second largest fraud case ever investigated by the Ohio Division of Securities, the law firm obtained the lowest recorded sentence on behalf of their client. The client was the project manager of a multi-use commercial property that was funded by investor money. It was alleged that the client violated securities regulations by accepting more than $60 million dollars in unsecured promissory notes. Facing multiple life sentences, the law firm secured a resolution that yielded a three year term of incarceration.
  • Not Guilty Theft
    Fifty-five year old grandmother was charged with theft and destruction of government documents after shredding purported sensitive documents at her workplace addressing matters of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. The prosecution argued that this action was in retaliation against her hostile employer for a purported forced resignation. The jury acquitted Ms. ____ of all charges.
  • Case Dismissed Murder
    Seventy-five year old woman charged with aggravated murder of her husband of more than fifty (50) years. Publically characterized as a “mercy killing,” Ms. _____ was alleged to have shot her husband in the head to ease his pain from heart disease. While the criminal investigation continued, a Complaint in Replevin was filed. The law firm represented Ms. ____ in both the criminal and civil cases. The law firm obtained evidence and information that lead to the dismissal of all charges.
  • Charges Dropped Sexual Assault
    Professional athlete was accused of committing a sexual assault. Before grand jury presentation, efforts were undertaken by the firm and our investigators to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation into the allegations. The information obtained by the defense was forwarded to both law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. Based upon the information produced by the defense, authorities declined to pursue criminal charges against the client.
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