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Local12 - 2 Suspended Miami University Students Reinstated Following Lawsuit

November 17, 2020

Two Miami University students that filed suit against the university after being suspended for COVID-19 guideline violations have been reinstated by a judge. Miami suspended the students after one of them was cited for a noise violation at an off-campus house party. "Our concern was if our clients were not able to actually finish the coursework or take the finals if we prevailed in the lawsuit, at the end of the day, there’s nothing to be done to make up for that work lost,” said Long.

WCPO Cincinatti - Judge Orders Miami University to 'Immediately Reinstate' Two Students After COVID-Related Suspension

November 17, 2020

On Tuesday, an Ohio judge ordered Miami University to "immediately reinstate" two students who had been suspended until the end of the year for violating Miami's student code of conduct related to COVID-19. "I'm thrilled that the students are going to be able to avoid the harm of forfeiting the semester," said Eric Long, one of the attorneys representing the students, identified by the pseudonyms "Jane Roe" and "Jane Doe." - Cleveland’s Barley House Filed a Lawsuit in Erie County to Challenge the State’s Coronavirus Restrictions on Bars

November 17, 2020

When the owners of the Barley House bar sued the state last month over coronavirus-related restrictions, they chose not to file in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court just around the corner. Instead they teamed up with the pizzeria chain Cameo Pizza to file suit more than 65 miles away in Erie County Common Pleas Court. Attorney Eric Long said that because Cameo Pizza operates in Erie County and the losses it says it suffered from being shuttered in the early days of the pandemic and the restrictions placed in Erie County, it was able to initially file the suit there.

The Miami Student - Two Students Sue Miami Over COVID-19 Related Suspension

November 15, 2020

Two Miami University students filed a lawsuit against the university over their suspension for hosting a party in August. Attorney Eric Long said he has filed a motion for the students to be reinstated at Miami for the duration of the case.

“Miami is coming down very heavy handed,” Long said. “I don't know if it's because of the national response to that one party where people had COVID and were kind of broadcasting it. But in any event, they seem to be taking an approach that is extremely heavy handed and unfortunately jeopardizing the future of a lot of students.”

Akron Beacon Journal - Judge Will Hear Former Summit Sheriff Lieutenant’s Discrimination Claim

July 28, 2020

Four white Summit County sheriff’s deputies who improperly used a law-enforcement database for personal reasons faced no criminal charges while an African American sheriff’s lieutenant found to have committed the same offense is being prosecuted. A hearing will be held next week to decide if Lt. Antonio Williamson, who was fired from his job, is being selectively prosecuted.

“The law does not permit prosecutions based upon race or other discriminatory considerations,” said Attorney Ian Friedman. - Cleveland Police Officer Accused of Using Excessive Force at May 30 Protest Faces Second Lawsuit

July 28, 2020

A Cleveland patrolman is the subject of a second lawsuit that accuses him of using excessive force during the George Floyd protests at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center on May 30. “This case perfectly highlights why there is such distrust toward police departments,” said a statement by attorneys Ian Friedman and David Malik, who brought the case.

Court TV - New Charges Against Chad Daybell

July 1, 2020

Attorney Ian Friedman recently provided commentary on CourtTV regarding the new charges against Chad Daybell and insight into how he would approach this trial. - Man Who Alleges Assault During Cleveland Protest Files Federal Lawsuit

June 29, 2020

A man has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court stating he was assaulted by Cleveland Police Officer John Kazimer during a May 30 violent protest. Attorneys Ian Friedman and Madelyn Grant are among the attorneys that filed the suit. “This lawsuit is necessary to curb the ongoing and systemic abuse inflicted by some members of the Cleveland Police Department,” Friedman said. - Peaceful Protester Sues Cleveland, Alleging Officer Used Excessive Force During George Floyd Demonstrations

June 29, 2020

Ryan O’Connor, a protester who marched in Cleveland against police brutality, sued the city Monday alleging that he was a victim of what he demonstrated against. “This case highlights the need for meaningful police reform at so many levels," said a statement by attorneys Ian Friedman, David Malik and Madelyn Grant, who represent O’Connor.

IdeaStream - Cleveland Drops Curfew Violation Charges Against Downtown Resident

June 25, 2020

Cleveland city prosecutors are dropping charges against Anthony Body, a Bail Project staffer that was arrested for breaking Downtown curfew despite living and working there. Eric Long, Body’s attorney, said he expects prosecutors could dismiss charges against other defendants arrested in the wake of the demonstrations and curfew. - Cleveland Police Black Shield President Clarifies “Defund the Police” Stance After Internal Backlash

June 25, 2020

After statements he made during a June 16 Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association virtual panel discussion moderated by Attorney Ian Friedman, the head of the group that represents Black Cleveland police officers wants to make clear that he is not calling for the police department to be defunded.

Ohio State Bar Association - Exercising Your Right to Protest

June 16, 2020

The right to peacefully assemble and join fellow citizens in protest is so fundamental to American democracy that it is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Attorney Ian Friedman explains your rights as a protester and what to do if they are violated. - Head of Cleveland’s Black Police Union Says Defunding Police ‘Needs to Be Looked At’

June 16, 2020

The president of the union representing Cleveland’s black police officers said that police wield too much power and reforms including the defunding of police and the rolling back of laws that shield officers from some civil lawsuits “need to be looked at.”

“The community is making demands, and they want change, and we’re not listening to it,” Montague said Tuesday during a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and moderated by Attorney Ian Friedman. “I know officers aren’t going to like it, but we need to be held accountable.”

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association - Hot Talk: Black Leadership and The Cleveland Police

June 16, 2020

Attorney Ian Friedman served as the moderator for an additional monthly session of Hot Talks, which was put together after the overwhelming response to the CMBA's June session: Police, Protests and Justice. The topic was Black Leadership and the Cleveland Police and the panel included the Administrator for the Cleveland Office of Professional Standards, Roger C. Smith, Esq., and the President of the Cleveland Black Shield Association, Sgt. Vincent Montague. - Black Lives Matter Cleveland Co-Founder, Cleveland Police Union Attorney Spar During Virtual Discussion

June 9, 2020

Kareem Henton, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Cleveland, said that he felt that the time was ripe for more substantive changes following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and heavy-handed police responses to marches and demonstrations. “If there is change coming and we can be part of that change, we’d like to be,” Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association attorney Joseph Delguyd said.

The pledge came during an hour-long panel discussion about police accountability and reforms that was hosted by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and moderated by Attorney Ian Friedman.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association - Hot Talk: Police, Protests, and Justice

June 9, 2020

Attorney Ian Friedman served as the moderator for Hot Talks, CMBA's open forum designed to create a productive dialogue about the most important issues facing our region. This monthly session included vital discussions with law enforcement and Black Lives Matter leadership about finding a just and peaceful future. Topics include the role of collective bargaining in police response, and changing culture within departments.

News 5 Cleveland - Cleveland Lawyers Seek Justice Reform & Equal Access To Justice

June 4, 2020

After protests over racial inequities in policing erupted in violence in Cleveland last weekend, there is a new effort by Northeast Ohio attorneys to hold officers accountable and create equal access to justice. Ian Friedman, President of Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, said the nonprofit has long committed to supporting the black community and protests, but now is the time to take committed action.

Best. Podcast. Ever. - Special Episode – Truth to Power – Meet Ian Friedman

June 3, 2020

After taking part in the protests in Chagrin Falls, Alex Gertsburg sits down with attorney and president of the Cleveland Bar Association, Ian Friedman to discuss the George Floyd murder, the resulting protests, riots, and the changes that need to happen within the criminal justice system.

Geauga County Maple Leaf - Rally for Justice in Chagrin Canceled Due to High Tensions

June 1, 2020

When sophomore Chase Tuller organized a “Rally for Justice” in Chagrin Falls Village for June 2, he had hoped to rouse dialogue around race issues and police violence, both in the country and within his community. However, what he had not anticipated was some of the rallies elsewhere turning violent, causing people to raise safety concerns around future rallies such as his — which has since been canceled. “I was very pleased to see that a young man would take the initiative to move forward, to see the need for this sort of rally and then actually follow through on it, and call it in a place that he thought it needed to be heard,” said Friedman, who was one of the featured speakers at a peaceful Black Lives Matter event in Cleveland.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association - CMBA President Ian N. Friedman, Esq. Speaks At "I Can't Breathe" Rally in Downtown Cleveland

May 30, 2020

“There is no longer a sideline to stand on. If you choose to remain silent from this moment forward you are complicit. You are responsible in part should another life be taken merely because of the color of one’s skin.” Ian N. Friedman

IdeaStream - Ohio Justice System Grapples With Bringing Back Jury Trials

May 18, 2020

Courts across the country are facing a daunting task as they look to restart jury trials. A recent attempt to hold a trial in Ashland County during April and early May showed how easily a trial can go wrong. "We have to have all of this decided before we bring people into the courtrooms because if we make a single mistake in the room, if we realize mid-trial that, hey, maybe we should have done something different, the consequence could be grave. Someone could die," Attorney Ian Friedman said.

Louie b. Free Radio Show - Attorney Ian Friedman Interview

May 14, 2020

Attorney Ian Friedman appeared on the Louie b. Free Radio Show, Brainfood from the Heartland. He discussed some of the experiences he has had throughout his career as well as his recent work with the Ohio Jury Trial Advisory Group preparing procedures and recommendations for resuming jury trials amid the COVID-19 pandemic. - Crestline Man's Jury Trial Amid Coronavirus Sparks Controversy
May 5, 2020

The jury trial of a Crestline man in Ashland County Common Pleas last week didn’t last very long before it was postponed, but the fact that it happened at all has generated controversy and made national headlines. This case should not have gone forward for a number of reasons,” Attorney Ian Friedman said. - Attorney Asks Ohio Supreme Court to Stop Ashland County Judge From Forcing Trial During Coronavirus Pandemic for a Second Time

May 5, 2020

A defense attorney has asked the Ohio Supreme Court to stop an Ashland County judge from trying for a second time to hold what’s believed to be the nation’s first jury trial during the coronavirus pandemic after the first attempt resulted in the defendant being rushed to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms. Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and Cuyahoga Metropolitan Bar Association President Ian Friedman said the one day of jury selection raised several procedural alarm bells. m - Businesses That Adapted for Coronavirus See Long-Term Benefits to Remote Employees: Working at Home

April 23, 2020

Ohio’s order closing non-essential businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to adapt to having employees working from home. Attorney Ian Friedman, a partner at the Friedman & Nemecek in Cleveland and president of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, expects his law firm will offer more opportunities for remote work moving forward.

Columbus Alive - Confronting the Coronavirus Threat in Ohio’s Correctional System

April 17, 2020

With cases of COVID-19 spiking among the incarcerated, activists, attorneys and politicians are looking at ways to reduce overcrowding and slow the virus’ deadly spread. “It’s a tremendous issue on a number of fronts. Obviously, these folks are prisoners, but they still have the right to be safe, and the right to be protected,” said Ian Friedman.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association - Ohio Supreme Court Tolling Order

April 6, 2020

Attorney Brad Wolfe represented the Criminal Defense Bar in a recent webinar with the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. The topic was recent legislative and judicial tolling of time requirements in Ohio. - Grand Jury Declines to Charge Cleveland Police Recruit Accused of Sexual Assault in University Heights

March 20, 2020

A Cuyahoga County grand jury decided not to bring felony charges against a Cleveland police recruit after a woman accused him of sexual assault in University Heights. His attorney, Madelyn Grant, said that she is thankful the grand jury did not indict Patterson. - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Calls for Temporary Halt to All 'Non-Essential’ Court Hearings Amid Coronavirus Concerns

March 16, 2020

CMBA President Ian Friedman and CMBA CEO Becky McMahon have taken significant steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Akron Beacon Journal- Former Summit Sheriff’s Deputy Acquitted of Sexual Battery Charges

March 11, 2020

Attorneys Ian Friedman and Brad Wolfe received a Not Guilty verdict for their client, former Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Antonio Williamson, who was accused of sexual assault of a woman while on an off-duty job.

Cleveland, OH Local News - African Americans to Benefit Most From Cleveland Eliminating Penalties for Low-Level Marijuana Possession

February 12, 2020

Findings in a recent study by revealed that African Americans in Cleveland are more likely to be charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana than white people are. “I’m not surprised that more African Americans are cited than any other demographic, but I am surprised to the degree,” said Friedman, a criminal defense attorney.

News 5 Cleveland - Man Caught With 91 Pounds Of Cannabis Walks Because Police Couldn't Prove It Was Marijuana

January 28, 2020

After securing a not-guilty verdict for a client who was caught with 91 pounds of suspected marijuana, Attorney Ian Friedman explains why the state couldn’t prove the substance wasn’t hemp. Watch the video for more information.

Court TV - FL vs Bonilla: Zombicon Murder Trial

January 9, 2020

Attorney Ian Friedman recently provided commentary on CourtTV regarding the mass shooting at Zombicon and approaching trial of the suspect.

Star Beacon - Former North Kingsville Police Chief Sentenced

December 19, 2019

Nathan Houser, former North Kingsville police chief, has been sentenced to one year of community control, almost a year after he was charged, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s office. "We appreciate the professionalism of the Attorney General’s office in seeking a just and expeditious resolution as well as the thoughtful disposition imposed by the Court,” Friedman said.

C|M|LAW - Alumni Story: C|M|LAW HOF Member Ian Friedman ’97 Reflects on the Bresha Meadows Case

December 05, 2019

"It was past 10 p.m. on a weeknight in the summer of 2016 when Friedman & Nemecek, L.L.C. Partner Ian Friedman ’97 arrived at the Trumbull County Juvenile Detention Center for a meeting with Bresha Meadows that would change his life." - Cleveland Lawyers’ Bar Should Be at the Table When the Justice Center’s Future is Decided: Ian N. Friedman

October 29, 2019

Ian N. Friedman discusses the Cuyahoga County Justice Center project and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association's exclusion from the steering committee. - Limitations on Attorney Access for Cuyahoga County Jail Inmates a ‘Constitutional Violation,’ Public Defender Says

October 29, 2019

Cuyahoga County Public Defender Mark Stanton says inmates at the Cuyahoga County jail are denied proper access to their attorneys. Restricted visiting hours, a lack of privacy, over-booked visitation scheduling and time limitations for in-person visits contribute to the problem, Ian Friedman said.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal - The Power of One

July-August 2019

Read here to see more on President, Ian Friedman's Inauguration Speech on Friday, June 7th 2019.

Cleveland Jewish News - Ian Friedman Discusses Philosophy, Perspective and More

June 21, 2019

Ian Friedman, managing partner of Friedman & Nemecek in Cleveland, discussed his philosophy and perspective as a lawyer in a June 14 interview with the Cleveland Jewish News at his downtown office.

Crain's Cleveland Business - Diversity is Top Priority for New Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association President

June 9, 2019

For the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association's new president, Ian Friedman, the coming year will involve continuing efforts surrounding diversity and inclusion, and putting action behind those words.

Crain's Cleveland Business - CMBA Taps Ian Friedman for Next President

April 23, 2019

Among its next class of officers, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has announced that its president for the 2019-2020 year will be Ian Friedman. - Boxer Adrien Broner, Accused of Forcibly Kissing Woman at Cleveland Nightclub, Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges

April 8, 2019

A Cuyahoga County judge on Monday placed professional boxer Adrien Broner on probation after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in a June attack of a woman at a downtown Cleveland nightclub. Broner’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said in a statement that the two were “very pleased” to put the matter behind him.

Akron Beacon Journal - Former Summit Sheriff’s Lieutenant Accused of Rape Sued by Alleged Victim

March 20, 2019

An Akron woman who has accused a former Summit County sheriff’s lieutenant of sexually assaulting her filed a lawsuit this week against her alleged attacker. Ian Friedman, one of Williamson’s Cleveland attorneys, is confident his client will prevail.

The News Gazette - Second Ex-Student Sues UI Over Outcome of Sex-Assault Case

March 8, 2019

Attorney Eric F. Long defends his client's right to due process in a contentious case against the University of Illinois.

Star Beacon - Lawyer for Ex-North Kingsville Chief Vows to Fight

January 29, 2019

The lawyer for the ex-North Kingsville police chief said the former officer has “truth” on his side and plans to fight criminal charges against him. “Mr. Houser is entering a plea of not guilty,” said Ian Friedman, Houser’s lawyer. “The charges will be fought for as long as it takes to have Mr. Houser exonerated.”

IdeaStream - Medical Marijuana and Potential Legal Issues; DeWine Inauguration; Browns Introduce Kitchen

January 15, 2019

Ian Friedman and other guests discuss the news that medical marijuana is coming to Ohio. How will this work for doctors, patients, and the state? How will Marijuana be recommended and for whom?

THE E-TEAM - Medical Marijuana Means New Education for Ohio Law Enforcement

January 10th, 2019

Under Ohio law, drivers are allowed to have a small amount of marijuana (less than 2 ng/ml THC in blood or less than 10 ng/ml THC in urine) in their system and legally operate a car. "Not everyone with marijuana in their system is necessarily operating while intoxicated, particularly if they have a medical marijuana card," said lawyer Ian Friedman.

WKYC3 - OVI Checkpoints: Ohio Spends Millions Each Year, Getting Fewer Drunken Driving Arrests

November 19th, 2018

The average regional OVI checkpoint snares a single motorist for drunk driving, a Channel 3 News investigation shows. There are 13 states that don't use checkpoints, some for reasons related to the Constitution and the infringement of unreasonable searches and seizure rights. "This kind of feels like a backdoor way of getting around the Fourth Amendment," Friedman said.

The Business Journal - UPDATE | Attorney for Warren Fabricating Releases Statement Following Federal Raid

November 14th, 2018

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service are on site at Warren Fabricating Corp. in Hubbard, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed. The IRS is the lead investigator on the case, the FBI said. “Warren Fabricating has done nothing inappropriate,” the company’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said in a statement issued to the press.

21 WFMJ - Warren Fabricating Releases Statement On IRS, FBI Raid.

November 14th, 2018 - World Champion Boxer Adrien Broner Pleads Not Guilty to Forcibly Kissing Woman at Cleveland Nightclub as Pacquiao Bout Looms

November 13th, 2018

Broner, 29, of Cincinnati, is charged with gross sexual imposition, a fourth-degree felony, misdemeanor sexual imposition and abduction, a third-degree felony, all related to a June incident at Anatomy Nightclub + Ultralounge in the city’s Warehouse District neighborhood, according to court records. “This is a case of a simple allegation that we believe will be proven to be not true,” Friedman said. “That place will be in the we courtroom and we look forward to that day.”

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s “Hot Talks: The Impact of Issue One”

October 9th, 2018

Brad S. Wolfe moderated the Hot Talks panel. Learn more about the speakers: - Ohio's Pharmacy Board Says CBD Oil is Illegal Unless Sold Through its Medical Marijuana Program

September 26, 2018

Despite the state's policy, CBD sellers say they have no plans to take it off their shelves. Ian Friedman, a criminal defense attorney who is working with a local manufacturer and retailer of CBD oil, says the rules are only about a money grab. - Controversy Grows Over Sale of CBD Oil in Ohio

September 05, 2018

CBD oil, a popular remedy used to help with mental and physical ailments, is accumulating controversy in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy issued a new statement warning vendors that the oil is illegal. But Ian Friedman, a criminal defense attorney, believes the board is getting it wrong and many of those who rely on CBD oil are getting worried about future availability. - Former Summit Sheriff's Lieutenant Argues Rights Were Violated, Says Case Against Him Should Be Dismissed

September 04, 2018

"Williamson and his attorneys argued Tuesday during a daylong hearing in Summit County Common Pleas Court that the case against Williamson should be dismissed because his Garrity rights...His trial is scheduled for late October, though several issues remain to be resolved, including a claim that Williamson, who is African-American, is being discriminated against by being charged for misusing a law enforcement database when other white deputies weren’t prosecuted for the same offense." - Former Sheriff’s Deputy Indicted for Sexual Assault Seeking Dismissal of Charges for Misusing Computer, Claims White Deputies Weren’t Prosecuted

August 07, 2018

“They didn’t face prosecution — and their conduct was arguably worse,” said Ian Friedman, one of two Cleveland attorneys representing Williamson. Friedman said Williamson used the computer program to search his name, while other deputies were found to have accessed information on other people. - Deputy Charged with Rape Accuses Summit County Sheriff's Office of Racial Discrimination

August 07, 2018

Williamson's lawyers, Ian Friedman and Brad Wolfe, acknowledged in the filing the gravity of accusing the sheriff's office of racial bias and said they gave great forethought before raising it. "Evidence to support our claim comes directly from the Summit County Sheriff's Office's own documents," Friedman said in a statement to "It speaks for itself." - Richard S. Wesorick, Brad Wolfe, & Judge, Michael Donnelly – “Jam for Justice” 7.18.18

July 18, 2018

Attorneys and judges usually wear business suits and robes. But tomorrow night, Attorney & Managing Partner, Tarollim Sundheim, Covell & Tummino LLP, Richard S. Wesorick, Attorney at Friendman & Nemecek L.L.C. & DJ, Wolfe Entertainment, Brad Wolfe, and The Honorable, Judge Michael Donnelly, will be wearing their rock-and-roll gear! Six local rock bands and one DJ are performing at “Jam for Justice” to benefit Legal Aid and it’s work to ensure safety, shelter and economic security for the most vulnerable in our community! - A Radical Idea About Winning That Just Might Be True

June 2018 - Attorney Eric Long

On November 7, 2017, Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of amending the Ohio Constitution to include added protections for victims of crime. - #Trending Traditional Crimes Meet Nontraditional Evidence

Jan/Feb 2018

Traditional sources of digital evidence, including information gathered from social media platforms, are widely used today. In order to be prepared, defense lawyers must seek evidence from sources beyond Snapchat and Twitter. Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek consider the increased reliance on information derived from portable electronic devices, including Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers. - Former Head of Cleveland Police Commission Avoids Jail Time for Falsifying Records

Mar. 03, 2018

Junior, who apologized to the City of Cleveland before Ambrose sentenced her, did not want to fight the charges, her attorney, Ian Friedman, told Monday. - Friedman Elected President of American Board of Criminal Lawyers

Jan 25, 2018

Ian Friedman of Beachwood was elected to a one-year presidency of The American Board of Criminal Lawyers, effective Jan. 1. - Ohio Hate Crime Rate More than Double that of National Average

Jan. 24, 2018

A racist slur written in permanent black marker covered a Stow woman's front door. No matter the offense, Friedman said hate crimes can't stand alone as a criminal charge in Ohio. - Marsy's Law: Are Crime Victims Really More Protected Now?

Jan. 02. 2018 - Attorney Eric Long

On Nov. 7, 2017 - Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 1, or “Marsy’s Law,” under the guise of a “victim’s bill of rights.” Ohio is the most recent state to adopt such legislation, and surely will not be the last. On its face, it is hard to imagine opposition to helping victims of crimes, and the pre-election question posed to defense attorneys and prosecutors alike was usually the same: “Why would I not vote to give these victims rights?” - Hoague Given Community Control for Tampering and Theft

Dec. 21, 2017

Assistant Ohio Attorney General Brad L. Tammaro said Thursday that Hoague was trying to get as much money as possible for the case and said Hoague took “extraordinary steps” to conceal what he had done. One of Hoague’s attorneys, Ian N. Friedman, said Hoague didn’t intentionally deceive anyone and said it was a simple mistake. - Beyond the Borders of the Fourth Amendment: Ethical Implications for Attorneys Traveling Internationally

Nov. 29, 2017 - Attorney Eric Nemecek

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a series of heightened aviation security measures for commercial flights inbound to the United States, including “enhanced screening of [passengers’] electronic devices.” Experts estimate that border officials will search and seize nearly 30,000 computers, cell phones and tablets by the end of 2017. - More Juveniles Charged as Adults for Crimes

Nov. 21, 2017

Court cases where juveniles are tried as adults are few and far between. But according to the Sentencing Project, cases involving juveniles tried as adults increased by 230 percent between 1990 and 2010. Friedman said he’s had a number of cases where there was an attempt to subject a juvenile to the adult process and treatment and these hearings are “sought with greater frequency.” - Convicted Sex Offender Worked at Independence School for Troubled Youth

July 12, 2017

“The law right now does not prevent that so it really is incumbent on the employer to do their research and then make a decision,” Friedman explained. - Ohio Law Allowed Self-Defense Claim in Deadly Pepper Pike Drug Deal

June 22, 2017

"He invited a drug transaction. In no way did he invite the armed robbery," longtime criminal defense attorney Ian Friedman said. - John Gotti's Ex-Son-In-Law Avoids Prison in Plea Deal

June 02, 2017

The judge placed him on inactive probation for a year, which will end when he has paid the money, defense attorney Ian Friedman said Friday. - Former Gambino Crime Family Member Accused of Running Illegal Scrapping Scam Avoids Prison in Plea Deal

June 02, 2017

Defense attorney Ian Friedman said Agnello is pleased with the deal, grateful to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley and his office for offering it and relieved to get back to work. - Cleveland Man with Ties to the Mob Agrees to Plea Deal

June 02, 2017

A reputed member of the Gambino crime family, former son-in-law of John Gotti, and client of Ian Friedman has agreed to a plea deal to avoid prison. - John Gotti’s Ex-Son-In-Law Avoids Prison in Plea Deal

June 02, 2017

The judge placed him on inactive probation for a year, which will end when he has paid the money, defense attorney Ian Friedman said Friday. - Bresha Meadows's Hearing Resulted in a Plea Deal

May 23, 2017

“Nothing good would have come of incarcerating this child for long years,” Attorney Friedman said on Tuesday. - Bresha Meadows, Ohio Teenager Who Fatally Shot Her Father, Accepts Plea Deal

May 23, 2017

“Bresha is incredibly relieved and feeling optimistic about her life for the first time,” Mr. Friedman said Tuesday. - Ohio Crime Victim Compensation Program Only Foots the Bill if You Are Physically Injured

May 8, 2017

"So, unfortunately, someone who is subjected to property damage is not going to fit that," said Eric Long, an attorney with Friedman and Nemecek. - Bresha Meadows Case: Teen Offered Plea Deal for Killing Abusive Dad

May 8, 2017

"It's helped [Bresha] to keep her head up," her attorney, Ian Friedman said, "Knowing that all these people all over the world support her." - #FreeBresha: Bresha Meadows Offered Plea Deal

May 8, 2017

"Today was a very positive day for Bresha," said Brad Wolfe, one of Bresha's attorneys. "We are actively working out the exact terms of the offer, and... we are prepared for trial if necessary." - Teen Accused of Killing Allegedly Abusive Dad Offered Plea Deal

May 8, 2017

Bresha's aunt, Cleveland police officer Martina Latessa, thanked Attorney Friedman for taking the 15-year-old's case pro-bono. "If he did not step in... she would have fallen through the cracks," Latessa said. - Lawyers for Bresha Meadows, Trumbull County Prosecutors Close to a Deal in Case of Teen Who Shot Father

May 8, 2017

"The prosecutors have recognized the need for treatment as we've been asserting from the beginning, so I think we're coming to a meeting of the minds," Bresha's attorney, Ian Friedman, told reporters at Trumbull County Juvenile Court. - Ohio Teen Accused of Killing Allegedly Abusive Dad Will Remain in Custody Until Her Trial

May 6, 2017

Despite the judge's decision to keep 15-year-old Bresha Meadows in custody until her trial date, Attorney Ian Friedman told PEOPLE that, "I'm still optimistic." - Update: Judge Denies Lawyer's Request to #FreeBresha Meadows Until Trial

May 5, 2017

Despite Attorney Friedman's arguments to free 15-year-old Bresha Meadow so that she could seek treatment while awaiting her court date, Judge Pamela Rintala ruled that the teen should remain incarcerated. "Bresha has been diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety and major depression," Attorney Brad Wolfe told The Root. - Bresha Meadows' Attorney Seeks Her Release Pending Murder Trial

May 4, 2017

“There is nothing about her conduct while she’s been detained to suggest she’s a danger to anyone else,” Attorney Ian Friedman argued. - Teen Accused of Murdering Father Appears in Court, Asks to Be Released

May 3, 2017

"She can't get the treatment and she is not getting it while she is sitting in detention," Attorney Ian Friedman told Judge Pamela Rintala during the hearing. - #FreeBresha: The Murder Trial of a 15-Year-Old Girl Has Become a Movement


Vice News interviews members of 15-year-old Bresha Meadows' family about the teen's murder charge and discusses the #FreeBresha Movement. - Teen Accused of Murdering Father Appears in Court, Asks to Be Released

Attorney Ian Friedman continues to argue the motion that Bresha Meadows be released on bond until the trial. - Attorney Asking That Teen Accused of Killing Father Be Released Pending Trial

Attorney Ian Friedman is going before the judge on May 3 to argue the motion. - The Uncertainty of Ohio Law: The New Legal Frontier of Medical Marijuana


Attorneys Ian Friedman and Tom Haren discuss the significant questions that surround several provisions within House Bill 523, which legalized medical marijuana in Ohio. – Eric C. Nemecek: Cyber Smarts Meets Courtroom Savvy

March 2017

We are proud to announce that Attorney Eric C. Nemecek was selected as the Attorney of the Month for March 2017 by Attorney at Law Magazine, Cleveland Edition! - When Surviving Childhood Means Killing Your Father

February 9, 2017

Attorney Ian Friedman's client, Bresha Meadows, shot her abusive dad to save her family, she says. Now her entire future is at stake. - Teen Accused of Shooting Dad in the Head to Protect Mom

January 23, 2017

Attorney Ian Friedman appeared on HLN’s Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield to discuss the case of 15-year-old Bresha Meadows, charged with the murder of her father. - Supporters Pack Courtroom Where Teen Girl, 15, is Charged with Killing Her Father to Protect Her Mother After 'Years of Abuse'

January 20, 2017

Bresha's lawyer, Ian Friedman, said the girl was born into an abusive home and often witnessed her mother being abused at the hands of her father. - Judge Orders Bresha Meadows to Treatment Facility for Evaluation in Dad's Slaying

January 20, 2017

Her attorney, Ian Friedman, said the child killed her father in self-defense. He had sought her release from the youth detention facility in Warren. - Warren Teen Accused of Killing Father to Undergo Mental Evaluation
January 20, 2017
“We believe this is a self-defense case and the mental evaluation will sustain that,” said Friedman. - Show of Support in Court for Warren Teen Charged with Murder
January 20, 2017
"The real question left in this case is the ‘why,'” said Ian Friedman, Meadows’ attorney. - Supporters Pack Courthouse for 15-Year-Old Warren Girl Accused of Killing Father
January 20, 2017
Bresha's family and her attorney, Ian Friedman, say the teenager was trying to protect her mother from abuse. Relatives of 15-Year-Old Bresha Meadows Clash Over Bond Request in Father's Slaying
January 19, 2017
"We would welcome any conditions for bond that the court would find and set - which would be far better than keeping her in a jail cell,'' said the girl's attorney, Ian Friedman. - Potential Impact of Cuyahoga County Judge's Marriage to New Prosecutor's Advisor
January 9, 2017
"I would have no problem...going into Judge Miday's courtroom and would expect nothing less than a thoughtful, fair and impartial ruling for my client," Attorney Ian Friedman said. - Applying the Fourth Amendment in the Age of Technology
January 2017
In the January issue of the Cleveland edition of Attorney at Law Magazine, Attorney Eric Nemecek discusses how advancements in technology can interfere with the Fourth Amendment's privacy protections. - Has the Government’s Ability to Hack Civilian Computers Gone Too Far? The Controversial Expansion of Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
January 2017
In the latest issue of the Cleveland edition of Attorney at Law Magazine, Attorney Ian Friedman and Law Clerk Brad Wolfe explain the implications of the recently amended Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. – Ohio Troopers Add Anti-Drug Effort to Traffic Safety Mission
December 31, 2016
The Ohio State Highway Patrol has implemented a new plan to crack down on drugs and says this effort has led to a record number of seizures of illegal substances. However, Attorney Ian Friedman believes the agency is using baseless stops to search vehicles. - Fatal Shooting on Cleveland's West Side Connected to Robbery Attempt, Records Say
December 27, 2016
"(Through) no fault of his own, my client was put in what any person would perceive as a life-threatening situation," Friedman said. - Use of Familial DNA Raises Privacy Concerns
December 7, 2016
Ian Friedman said familial DNA testing is a backdoor method allowing government to ascertain the most private information about an innocent person without their consent. – Teen Accused of Murder Garners World Attention
December 4, 2016
“People feel an emotional draw to the case because a father shot by a 14-year-old daughter is not something you hear about every day,” Attorney Ian Friedman said. “Issues of abuse in the home and domestic violence are issues that are prevalent, but it doesn’t surface like this often.” – This 15-Year-Old Ohio Teen Accused of Killing Her Father Will Not Face a Life Sentence
December 2, 2016
“This is a monumental decision,” Attorney Friedman said. “This is what we had hoped for since day one.” - Cuyahoga County's Top Judge Demands County Jail Provide Lawyers with Timely Access to Clients
Dec 2, 2016 turned to Attorney Friedman for comment on one top judge's threat to Cuyahoga County jail over complaints that defense counselors regularly do not have access to their detained clients. - 15-Year-Old Accused Of Killing Allegedly Abusive Father Won’t Face Life Sentence
December 1, 2016
Attorney Friedman's 15-year-old client Bresha Meadows will not face murder charges as an adult, but instead as a minor in juvenile court. The decision comes after months of speculation and advocate efforts surrounding Meadows' internationally known case. – Bresha Meadows, 15, to Be Charged as a Juvenile in Dad's Slaying, Prosecutor Says
December 1, 2016
The Trumbull County prosecutor’s office announced that Attorney Friedman’s client, 15-year-old Bresha Meadows, will be tried as a juvenile for her father’s slaying. - Lake County Residents Part of Federal Investigation Into Illegal Phone Charges, Money Laundering
September 9, 2016
Attorney Friedman spoke to the press to defend his client, who has been named by federal prosecutors in connection with an expansive, two-year DEA investigation that alleges phone service fraud here in Ohio. - Hero or Murderer? 15-Year-Old Bresha Meadows Faces Life in Prison for Killing Abusive Father
August 31, 2016
Democracy Now interviews Attorney Ian Friedman about the murder charge brought against his client, a 15-year-old girl who killed her father in self-defense. - Dissecting Second Trial of Colleen McKernan as Defense Continues Making its Case
August 28, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman spoke with The Repository about the retrial of Colleen McKernan, who is facing 15 years to life in prison for shooting her husband in self-defense on New Year's Eve 2014. - Utilizing the Safety Valve as a Safe Haven in Federal Drug Conspiracy Prosecutions
Vol. 2 No. 8
In a new piece for Attorney at Law Magazine, Attorney Eric Nemecek examines possible “safety valve” strategies for avoiding mandatory minimum sentences in federal drug conspiracy cases. - Teen Girl Accused Of Killing Abusive Father Flooded With Letters Of Support
August 8, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman spoke to The Huffington Post about the outpouring of support his young client Bresha Meadows has received from the public. - Ohio Girl, 14, Killed Dad as He Slept to Stop Abuse
August 5, 2016
"This was a classic situation of a battered woman as it relates to mom,” said Cleveland attorney Ian Friedman. “The girl and her siblings witnessed this every day. It reached a point where it’s self-defense and defense of others. - 14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Killing Her Allegedly Abusive Father
August 8, 2016
Additional coverage on Attorney Ian Friedman's Bresha Meadows case from the Huffington Post "Black Voices" series. - Ohio Girl Charged with Murdering Her Father Shot Him to Protect Family From His Abuse, Mother Says
August 5, 2016
More national coverage on Attorney Ian Friedman's case of Bresha Meadows, the 14-year-old Warren girl accused of killing her father. - Mother of 14-Year-Old Girl Accused of Fatally Shooting Her Father in the Head Praises Girl for 'Saving the Family' From Abusive Drunk
August 5, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman's case of Bresha Meadows gains international attention. Bresha, 14, is facing aggravated murder charges after shooting and killing her father, who spent years abusing Bresha and her mother. - 14-Year-Old Accused of Killing Father, Family Says Girl is a 'Hero Who Saved Them All'
August 4, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman is representing 14-year-old Bresha Meadows, who is facing aggravated murder charges for killing her abusive father, but close relatives say she was trying to protect her family. Bresha and her mother had suffered years of relentless abuse at the hands of her father. - Bedford Municipal Court Planning Bail Reform: Impact 2016: Justice for All
July 29, 2016 turned to Attorney Friedman for comment on Bedford Municipal Court's proposed bail reform. The court plans to reduce the number of non-refundable bond payments in favor of a 10% option that will allow some defendants to recover their money. - Loophole in Georgia Privacy Law Leaves Questions About "Upskirting" in Public
July 27, 2016
Following a controversial privacy ruling in Georgia, reporters turned to Attorney Friedman to learn whether or not public "upskirt" photos could become legal in Ohio. Attorney Friedman analyzed Ohio's voyeurism statute and found it unlikely that any kind of invasive photo taken in public would be considered legal. - 'Your Honor, We Next Call to the Stand in Taiwan...': Videoconferencing & the Confrontation Clause
Vol. 2 No. 7
Attorney Ian Friedman and law clerk Thomas Moran explain the affects that video conferencing and other technological advancements have on a defendant’s right to confront their accusers under the Sixth Amendment. - The Castle Doctrine & Jury Instructions: It’s Not Just For Intruders Anymore
Vol. 2 No. 6
Attorney Eric Long explains the elements of "self-defense" and how the Castle Doctrine impacts the jury instructions. - Miranda: A Historical Perspective
Vol. 2 No. 5
It was the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling in Miranda v. Arizona in June 2016. Attorney Eric Nemecek discusses the history of the case and where we are today. - New Law School Grads Face Challenging Questions
June 20, 2016
“I think that the prospects for a lawyer in Cleveland are fair to excellent, depending upon what area they choose to get involved in,” said Ian Friedman of Friedman & Nemecek in Cleveland. - One-Armed Defense Attorney Nabs Serial Burglar Attempting to Burglarize Law Office
June 20, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman and receptionist Danielle Lucas spoke to about their unexpected encounter with a prolific Cleveland burglar. After a scuffle in our firm offices, Attorney Friedman as able to identify the man, leading to his arrest. - Lawyer is Suspended for Accessing and Deleting Some Law Firm Emails After Firing
June 16, 2016
Attorney Friedman went to the Ohio Supreme Court to defend an embattled lawyer facing possible disbarment for sending inappropriate emails to a former employer. Instead, the court found a one-year suspension more appropriate. - Stanford Sexual Assault Case Sentence Draws Varied Opinions in Cleveland
June 16, 2016
Cleveland Jewish News turned to several prominent Cleveland legal figures for their take on the controversial Stanford rape case ruling. Attorney Ian Friedman shared his surprise on the light sentence, while also elaborating what the current penalties could mean for the convicted. - Solon Businessman Fined $250,000 for Lying to FBI About Bribing City of Cleveland Employee
June 14, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman secured mere probation and fines for a client facing serious federal charges. Ashwani "Eddie" Adya faced bribery, fraud, and making false statements to the FBI charges. After a carefully constructed plea deal, however, and Ian Friedman's appeal to a federal judge, Adya will only face minimal penalties and zero jail time. - Cuyahoga County Law Director, Top Lawyers Lay Out Bail System Inequities: Impact 2016: Justice For All
May 22, 2016
The Anti-Defamation League met with several prominent Cleveland legal figures, including Attorney Ian Friedman, about improving the local criminal justice system for minority communities and the poor. Attorney Friedman championed bail reform and the protection of rights of the accused, as well as recognized the political challenges of making meaningful changes to court policy. - MISTRIAL: McKernan Back in Court Tuesday After Jury Fails to Reach Verdict in Murder Trial
April 29, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman will resume work defending Colleen McKernan following a mistrial determination by the judge her first trial last week. The jury in that first trial reached a deadlock and McKernan will receive a new trial. - Suspect in Parma Home Invasion Pleads Not Guilty
April 27, 2016
Attorney Eric Nemecek appeared with client William H. Mareda in court this week to enter a not-guilty plea. Mareda stands accused of robbery, kidnapping, and other charges allegedly connected to a Parma home invasion. A trial has been scheduled for May. - Coroner: Robert McKernan Shot 10 Times
April 20, 2016
Attorney Ian Friedman asserted self-defense as the reason his client, Colleen McKernan, shot and killed her husband Rob in 2014 and that none of the state's body of physical evidence proved otherwise. - Youth Minister Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Contact with Underage Girl
April 19, 2016
Attorney Nemecek entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Brian Mitchell, a former church youth director who stands accused of 10 counts of sexual battery stemming for an alleged 2015 relationship with an underage girl. - Rocky River Sisters Indicted, Charged in Cleveland-Area Club Drug Conspiracy
April 5, 2016
Attorney Friedman will defend Rinald Turhani, a Detroit-area trucking company owner, against federal drug trafficking charges. Turhani and three co-conspirators are accused of importing drugs from Canada and selling them in Cleveland, New York, and Michigan. - Court Docs: All Victims on Tumblr Nude Blog Page Are From Twinsburg High School
February 8, 2016
NewsNet5 turned to Attorney Friedman for insight on a Tumblr blog that was found to be depicting nude and inappropriate photos of 14 underage female students of Twinsburg High School. - Does 'Law & Order' Disturb Legal Order?
January 14, 2016
“’A Law and Order” episode show begins with the crime, and one hour later, ends with, 99 out of 100 times, a conviction,” Friedman said. That’s quite unlike real life. - Civil Liberties / National Security Debate Rears its Head Again
December 30, 2015
For all of the sound bites and debate, in what was one of the most drawn out arguments of the 2016 election cycle, Friedman said that the politicians on stage largely missed the mark. - The Tamir Rice Case / The Jewish Perspective
December 30, 2015
“The decision, based upon all of the evidence, when you’re able to take away the emotion – as hard as that may be to do – leads to only one conclusion and that was that there is insufficient grounds for an indictment,” Ian Friedman said. - Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision: What the Experts Are Saying
December 28, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman gives his expert opinion on the grand jury's decision in the Tamir Rice shooting case. - CLE Law Experts React to Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision
December 28, 2015
Ian Friedman joined WKYC's Sara Shookman to discuss a grand jury's Monday decision. - Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision: What the Experts Are Saying
December 28, 2015
Activists are decrying the grand jury's decision, while others such as local defense attorney Ian Friedman said the grand jury made the right decision. - Former Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Foreman Weighs in On Rice Case
November 24, 2015
Attorney Friedman voiced support of the thorough and transparent grand jury process now at the center of the Tamir Rice controversy. - Prosecutors Withdraw Motion in Heroin 'Kingpin' Case, Still Probe Lawyer Payments
November 23, 2015 turns to Attorney Friedman for insight into manipulation allegations surrounding a high-profile Cleveland drug case. - Portable Traffic Cameras Catch On in Ohio
November 19, 2015
WKYC Channel 3 turned to Attorney Friedman for insight on the legality of new portable traffic cameras that are being used to retroactively ticket speeders in northeast Ohio.

Cleveland. com - Tamir Rice Case Unlikely to Result in Convictions: Legal Experts Say
October 15, 2015
Ian Friedman sat down with fellow legal professionals to offer an analysis of what criminal charges Cleveland prosecutors could realistically pursue against the officers involved in the Tamir Rice shooting. - Local Investigators, Prosecutors Using Wiretaps Without the Feds
September 29, 2015
Cleveland has seen a rise in wiretap investigations by local law enforcement and prosecutors. Attorney Friedman spoke to reporters about the trend and its possible effect on one of his current clients' cases. - Dunkin' Donuts Owner Charged with Bribing City of Cleveland Official to Obtain Grant
September 24, 2015
Attorney Friedman speaks to the press about his defense of Ashwani Adya, a Solon businessman accused of bribing city employees in order to open a Dunkin Donuts. - Father of Man Involved in Lorain Ward 2 Case Files Suit, Alleging Defamation
August 31, 2015
Attorney Friedman filed a defamation suit on behalf of Anthony Horn, who is accused by Lorain Councilman Dennis Flores of fixing a May 2015 election to favor his own son, Ryan Horn. - Police: Shaker Heights CCW Holder Fires at Dog
August 18, 2015
After an alarming Shaker Heights shooting in which a concealed weapon carrier opened fire on a dog, the news station turned to Attorney Friedman, who is also a CCW instructor, for insight on when legal civilian firearms can be used. - Legalizing Marijuana Has Some Worrying That the Business Could Become a Monopoly
August 14, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman shares insights into the upcoming pot bill in Ohio. Attorney Friedman is confident, “It’s going to end up in the courts. There’s no question about it”. - Responsible Ohio | Biggest Obstacle to Legalized Pot on Ohio Ballot May Be Issue 2
August 13, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman comments on the push to legalize marijuana in the state of Ohio as it heads to the polls on November 3, 2015. According to Friedman, if this measure passes, it will be unprecedented in the United States. - Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Chemist Fired Over Botched Test, County Retests Hundreds of Samples
July, 10, 2015
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office will retest thousands of drug samples after firing a forensic chemist earlier this week for botching analyses Cleveland defense attorney Ian Friedman called the allegations against Sran "extremely troublesome." - Legal Experts Break Down Possible Charges in Tamir Rice Case
June 18, 2015
Attorney Ian N. Friedman analyzes the theoretical charges officers could face for the shooting death of Tamir Rice - Analysis: Tamir Rice Investigation Report
June 14, 2015
Attorney Ian N. Friedman discusses the Tamir Rice investigation report with WKYC's Chris Tye. - Legal Analysis: Tamir Rice Report
June 13, 2015
WKYC's Chris Tye interviews Attorney Ian N. Friedman about the Tamir Rice investigation report. - Cleveland Restaurateur Fights Charges That He Molested and Raped a Child
June 2, 2015
Attonrey Ian N. Friedman argued in court against the molestation and sexual abuse charges brought against his client, a local restaurateur. - Prosecutor Challenges Legal Analysis of Brelo Verdict
May 29, 2015
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty has filed an appeal in the trial of Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo. - Legal Experts Optimistic Police Body Cameras Will Pay Dividends
April 17, 2015
“This will become commonplace in courts, and I think that prosecutors, defense lawyers and police alike will be going to the body cameras if not first, then close, when beginning their investigations,” said criminal defense attorney Ian Friedman. “It helps us get to the heart of the truth, and that’s really what the entire criminal justice system is about.” - Former Massillon Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge
April 16, 2015
She was ordered in January in Massillon Municipal Court to electronically-monitored house arrest and was permitted to leave her house to meet with her attorney, Ian N. Friedman. - Judge Tosses Lawsuit Filed by Shaker Heights Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape
April 15, 2015
Following Vaughan's initial conviction, his parents hired defense attorney Ian Friedman. He and a team of defense lawyers found, among other issues, that police made multiple errors when initially investigating the case, including not interviewing the girl. - Former Eaton Corp. Contractor Pleads Guilty to Trying to Infect Company's Computer System
April 08, 2015
Under federal sentencing guidelines, though, Samoilovas will likely face a sentence of up to six months. His attorney, Ian Friedman, said he believes his client should be put on probation. Samoilovas entered his plea to U.S. Magistrate Judge Greg White. U.S. District Judge Christopher Boyko is scheduled to sentence him July 1. - Akron Police Officer Charged in Playhouse Square Assault Was 'Primary Aggressor,' Police Say
April 08, 2015
Crupp's attorney, Ian Friedman, said Tuesday that Crupp's criminal history is irrelevant. "Steven wasn't attacked that night because he had a prior run-in with the law," Friedman said. "If police didn't feel he was victimized, they wouldn't have charged Mr. Campbell." - Man Beaten at Playhouse Square Previously Convicted of Assaulting Parma Heights Police Officer
Apr. 07, 2015
Crupp's attorney, Ian Friedman, said his client's criminal history is irrelevant to the incident outside the hotel. - Akron Police Officer Adam Campbell Charged in Connection With Playhouse Square Attack
Apr. 6, 2015
The victim is 31-year-old Steven Crupp of Cleveland. Crupp’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said his client has six broken ribs, a cracked pelvic bone and a disfigured face from the attack. - Ian N. Friedman: Attorney of the Month
April 2015
Attorney at Law Magazine selected Ian N. Friedman as the Attorney of the month for its Cleveland edition. - Former Abon Co-Owner Gets Probation, Must Repay $10,000
March 19, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman, who represented Bence, said a number of seized items will be returned to Bence. - Cleveland Heights Contractor Sentenced to Seven Years for Owning Large Child Pornography Collection
March 4, 2015
Attorney Friedman's client originally faced up to 15 years in federal prison, but the judge sentenced him to a reduced term of only 7 years. - Plea Deal Struck in Abon Case
February 23, 2015
"Today brought Mr. Bence's case one critical step closer to resolution," Attorney Ian Friedman said. "I am very pleased that he plead to only one lower level count of receiving stolen property, which carries a presumption of probation." - Parma Substitute Surrenders Teaching License, Enters Diversion Program in Child Endangering Case
February 11, 2015
"In hindsight and after reviewing the video, he would certainly love to go back in time and act more protectively. This sentence allows everyone involved to close this hurtful chapter and move forward," Attorney Ian Friedman said in a statement. - Fight Inside Bainbridge BW3 Similar to Other Recent Brawls
January 19, 2015
“They’re doing it for attention. The second this fight happens, they’re putting it online to get acknowledgement and praise from others, and that’s a very scary sign for the future,” Attorney Ian Friedman said.

McKernan Murder Case Bound Over to Common Pleas

The attorney for the woman accused of killing her husband asks that the public reserve judgement. Cleveland-based attorney Ian Friedman represented 26 year old Colleen McKernan in court Friday morning during her preliminary hearing in Massillon, which was waived. McKernan is accused of shooting her 29 year-old husband, Rob, to death on New Year's Eve. Friedman says people can speculate about what happened in the McKernan's home that night, but, says what did happen will come out in the court room. - Fatal New Year's Eve Shooting Goes to Ohio Grand Jury
January 10, 2015
Her attorney, Ian Friedman, asked people to reserve judgment until the facts are presented and said he's confident his client will be exonerated. - Grand Jury to Hear Case of Massillon Woman Accused of Killing Husband
January 9, 2015
Attorney Friedman asked people to reserve judgment in the case until the facts are presented, and expressed confidence that Colleen McKernan would be exonerated. - Attorney: Huge Fight at Cinemark Movie Theater Shows 'Scary Sign of the Future'
January 5, 2015

Attorney Ian Friedman explains why he believes teens using social media to organize large-scale fights like Beachwood and Valley View are just looking for attention online. - Fallout Continues After Valley View Theater Brawl
January 4, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman discusses the recent fights at Valley View and Beachwood and says that he believes that these two incidents involving hundreds of teenagers are not a coincidence but planned for shock value. - Garfield Heights Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Attacking Woman He Met on Dating Site
January 5, 2015
"It was not his intention to harm her," Attorney Friedman said. "But things got out of control, they escalated, and he made some very poor choices." - Judge Sentences Drunken Driver to Seven Years in Crash That Killed Former Cleveland State Police Chief
December 17, 2014
Defense attorney Ian Friedman hailed Mitchell as well, and offered his condolences to Mitchell's family. He called Picha's actions selfish, saying Picha failed to realize the consequences of his actions. Picha was headed to a doctor to check on a leg injury from snowboarding when the accident took place. - Willoughby Man Sentenced for Child Pornography
December 1, 2014
Attorney Friedman's client who previous pleaded guilty to child pornography charges received a jail sentence of 45 days in the Lake County Common Pleas Court. - Stow Man Accused of Unleashing "Malicious" Computer Code
November 23, 2014
Attorney Friedman represents a man accused of transmitting a dangerous computer code at his former workplace with the intent of destroying company information. - T.J. Lane Will Not Be Charged for Recent Prison Escape
Oct. 24, 2014
"Does that prosecutor want to give T.J. Lane another stage?" asked Ian Friedman, Lane's attorney. Lane is now in a more secure prison in Youngstown. - Parma Substitute Teacher's Request for Diversion Program Denied in Child Endangering Case
Oct. 14, 2014
In a ruling issued Friday, Judge Kenneth Spanagel denied Mellinger's request to be considered for the Parma Municipal Court's diversion program. The program allows offenders to complete a court-ordered sentence, such as community service, in lieu of jail time if convicted. Defense attorney Ian Friedman said he respected the judge's decision. - Miami County Lawyer Seeks Special Prosecutor
Sept. 17, 2014
Attorney Christopher Bucio’s lawyer Ian Friedman of Cleveland asked Miami County Judge Christopher Gee to prohibit the county prosecutor’s office from investigating the pending case against Bucio because of an alleged conflict of interest. The office is led by Prosecutor Anthony “Tony” Kendell. - Parma Substitute Teacher Accused of Child Endangering Has Diversion Hearing Postponed Again
September 17, 2014
Defense attorney Ian Friedman requested the continuance because he hasn't received documents he subpoenaed from the Parma schools and Mellinger's employer, staffing agency The Renhill Group.

T.J. Lane Prison Escape and Capture
September 11-12, 2014 - What Is Wrong With Kids These Days?
September 10, 2014
The bullies were all rounded up Wednesday and they face charges ranging from misdemeanor assault to disorderly conduct. However, chances are the bullies will not face any time because , as heinous as th is was, "It's going to be difficult because under state law there's really not a lot of offenses that fit," said Ian Friedman, a criminal defense attorney. - Police Identify Students Involved in Attack on Teen With Autism
September 8, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman discusses the types of criminal charges that could be brought against the juveniles who attacked an autistic teen. - Diversion Hearing Rescheduled for Parma Substitute Teacher Accused of Child Endangering
September 03, 2014
The hearing for Gregg Mellinger, 49, of North Ridgeville, was scheduled for Wednesday but was postponed to Sept. 17 due to a scheduling conflict for defense attorney Ian Friedman. - New Details in Aliza Sherman’s Murder Investigation
August 28, 2014
“So the evidence, the police reports, the witness statements, and so forth, that which we would normally get in all the cases, some of it here they have concerns about turning it over because now as we understand from yesterday a lot of it does have to do with the investigation in the Sherman murder and that is why it is given over to the judge under seal,” Friedman said. - Investigations Into Courthouse Bomb Threats and Aliza Sherman Murder Are "Parallel" and "Intertwined," Prosecutors Say
August 28, 2014
Moore, through his attorney Ian Friedman, has denied any involvement in Sherman's death. He gave a statement to police shortly after the March 24, 2013 stabbing , which happened outside his offices, after he had a meeting with Sherman to prepare for her upcoming divorce trial. - Attorneys Say County Prosecutors Won't Turn Over Evidence in Bomb Threat Case Against Local Lawyer Gregory Moore
August 27, 2014
The failure to turn over the records has prevented Moore him from preparing his defense, according to attorneys Ian Friedman and Kristina Suppler. - Parma Substitute Teacher Accused of Endangering Children Requests Diversion Program
July 23, 2014
Ian Friedman, the attorney for a substitute teacher accused of endangering children, has asked the court to consider his client for its diversion program. - Teen Accused of Firing Shot Through Neighbors Home Given Fine, Probation
July 17, 2014
Anne Keller, an attorney representing Gilchrist, said her client has become more cognizant of gun safety since the incident, and has even taken a gun safety class as a refresher.

Keller cited Gilchrist's lack of criminal history when she asked Hagan to impose a fine and probation rather than jail time.

"The police detective determined it was an accident," she said. - Man Who Struck and Seriously Injured Bicyclist After Drinking in Ohio City Granted New Trial
July 10, 2014
"The appellate court validated our contention that the State of Ohio failed to produce crucial evidence in advance of trial to the prior defense team," Attorney Friedman said.

[Transcript of Verdict] - Trial of Ben Suarez and Suarez Corporation Industries, Inc.
View the transcript of the jury's verdict for Ben Suarez and his company, SCI, represented by Attorney Ian Friedman. - Lawyers for Ben Suarez Battle Lone Guilty Verdict in Campaign Finance Case
July 4, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman, who successfully defended SCI against all of the government’s accusations, said Suarez will vigorously fight his conviction in his appeal.
“We have great confidence in Mr. Suarez’s defense team,” Friedman said. “We know that they will be appealing that one issue and we are very optimistic that he, too, will be eventually cleared of all charges. - Ben Suarez Trial's Jury Foreman Talks Publicly in Q&A About Deliberations, Government's Star Witness, Obstruction of Justice, Renacci and Mandel
July 03, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman: "Well prepared. His ability to articulate questions so they would hold up to objections allowed us to hear the case he wanted to present." - Ben Suarez Acquitted on All Charges Except One -- Witness-Tampering/Obstruction of Justice for Letter to SCI Controller
June 30, 2014
Defense attorney Ian Friedman, who represented SCI, called the trial "Round One" of a long heavyweight fight, and he expressed optimism at Suarez's lawyers' ability to overcome the one felony count on which he was convicted.

"We have great confidence in Mr. Suarez's defense team, and I know they will file an appeal on that issue, and that Mr. Suarez will be acquitted in the end," Friedman said. - Ben Suarez Found Not Guilty of Violating Campaign Finance Laws
June 30, 2014
"The 500 people who work for SCI know they can go to work tomorrow and the lights will be on and they can keep earning a living for their families," said defense attorney Ian Friedman. - Ben Suarez Trial Closing Arguments: Feds Characterize Him as Evil Wizard; Defense Says He Committed No Crimes
June 26, 2014
Defense attorney Ian Friedman argued to the jury that there was no evidence Suarez or anyone at SCI destroyed or hid documents sought by the FBI. He did concede the company was negligent in its response to the subpoenas.

"Were they late? Sure," Friedman said. "SCI apologizes for that. But in the end the documents got there.

"Ben Suarez made a mistake, but a mistake is not a crime," Friedman said. - Ben Suarez Made Costly Mistake, Defense Attorney Says
June 04, 2014
If Ben Suarez knew he was committing a federal offense, then he knowingly put his family in harm's way. That's the argument defense attorney Ian Friedman presented during closing statements on Thursday. - FBI Agent Identifies Dozens of Documents Ben Suarez Failed to Supply After Subpoenas
June 23, 2014
"There was never any attempt by SCI to orchestrate stories, nor did SCI engage in any conduct that could be characterized as witness tampering," said SCI attorney Ian Friedman. - Anesthesiologist Who Sexually Assaulted Patient Will Leave the Country After Serving His Sentence.
Attorney Friedman represented the doctor in this case. Originally began as a rape case, he only served 29 days as sanction before leaving per his request to his country of origin. - Giorgio Wraps Up Testimony in Suarez Trial
Ian Friedman, a defense attorney representing SCI, asked Giorgio about the day FBI agents searched the company’s offices for records and documents related to the campaign contributions.

Michael Giorgio was grilled about what the 72-year-old Suarez instructed him to do related to allegations the two conspired to break federal election law in an effort to gain the favor of two federal politicians in a legal dispute brought against SCI by a group of district attorneys in California. - Some Counts Canceled in Beck Criminal Case
Defense attorneys, such as legal expert Ian Friedman, say the numerous counts in a case like this can be a bit deceiving because in reality the prosecutors are charging him several different ways for the same alleged event. - Federal Prosecutors in Ben Suarez Trial Ask Judge to Compel 11 Reluctant Witnesses to Testify Under Immunity
June 02, 2014
"With the trial starting tomorrow (Monday), we're going to let everything that needs to be said happen in the courtroom," Friedman said. - Attorney for Substitute Teacher Readying Presentation About Parma Bullying Incident
May 28, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman requested 30 days to review video of the incident during Mellinger's April 16 pretrial hearing. Friedman said during a pretrial hearing Wednesday at Parma Municipal Court that he's seen the video and is readying a presentation for prosecutors. - Suarez Trial Set to Start Next Week in Federal Court
May. 27, 2014
The company itself also rejected a plea offer, said Ian Friedman, a Cleveland attorney representing SCI, a Jackson Township-based direct-marketing company. The company’s plea offer included a $2.5 million fine, the attorney said. If convicted, SCI faces a fine of more than $10 million, Friedman said. - Ben Suarez Rejects Final Plea Deal; Faces 10-12 Years in Prison if Convicted of Illegal Contributions
May 27, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman, who represents Suarez's direct-marketing firm, Suarez Corporation Industries, also rejected a final plea offer that would have required the company to pay a $2.5 million fine. If convicted, the company could pay a fine of from $10 million to $20 million, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rebecca Lutzko. - North Canton Direct-Marketer Ben Suarez Used PAC Money, Josh Mandel's Political Clout to Fight California Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit, Prosecutors Say
May 23, 2014
Company attorney Ian Friedman said: "There was never any attempt by SCI to orchestrate stories, nor did SCI engage in any conduct that could be characterized as witness tampering." - Ben Suarez Orchestrated Illegal Campaign Scheme, Per Company CFO Michael Giorgio's Plea Agreement
May 19, 2014
"The entire SCI family is saddened to learn that Michael Giorgio, as part of his guilty pleas, has acknowledged a pattern of his own dishonesty and criminal conduct," said attorney Ian Friedman. - "Conviction Integrity Units Like the One Formed Last Week by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty Are Increasingly Popular - But Do They Work?"
April 21, 2014
Attorney Friedman explains why he thinks the formation of the new Conviction Integrity Unit is important and necessary. - "Parma Substitute Teacher Accused in Connection with Bullying Incident Appears in Court"
April 16, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman is representing substitute teacher charged with endangering children. - "Bedford Judge Case Highlights Tricky Legal Issue: Can the Government Make People Hand Over Their Computer Passwords?"
March 7, 2014
Attorney Ian Friedman discusses whether forcing people to provide their computer passwords is a violation of their rights under the Fifth Amendment. - "The Legal Rights to Protect Your Child From School Bullies"
February 13, 2014
Attorney Friedman explains the legal options available to parents whose children are being bullied. - "Drivers Left with Questions After Traffic Camera Ruling"
January 29, 2014
Attorney Anne Walton Keller provides insight about the 8th District Court of Appeals' ruling that the current process for appealing traffic camera tickets is unconstitutional. - Cleveland Man Admits to Abductions
July 26, 2013
Ian Friedman, a law professor in Cleveland and former president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said that the community was relieved on Friday to learn of the plea deal. It is likely that prosecutors agreed to it to bring a quick resolution to the case without extending it for years with appeals. If the case had gone to trial, the victims would have had to relive their traumatic experiences, he said.

CNN: Piers Morgan Live
July 26, 2013
Attorney Ian Friedman discusses the Ariel Castro kidnapping case as a guest on the Piers Morgan Live Show.

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