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Friedman & Nemecek, L.L.C. Attorneys at Law - Civil Liberties / National Security Debate Rears its Head Again
December 30, 2015
For all of the sound bites and debate, in what was one of the most drawn out arguments of the 2016 election cycle, Friedman said that the politicians on stage largely missed the mark. - The Tamir Rice Case / The Jewish Perspective
December 30, 2015
“The decision, based upon all of the evidence, when you’re able to take away the emotion – as hard as that may be to do – leads to only one conclusion and that was that there is insufficient grounds for an indictment,” Ian Friedman said. - Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision: What the Experts Are Saying
December 28, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman gives his expert opinion on the grand jury's decision in the Tamir Rice shooting case. - CLE Law Experts React to Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision
December 28, 2015
Ian Friedman joined WKYC's Sara Shookman to discuss a grand jury's Monday decision. - Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision: What the Experts Are Saying
December 28, 2015
Activists are decrying the grand jury's decision, while others such as local defense attorney Ian Friedman said the grand jury made the right decision. - Former Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Foreman Weighs in On Rice Case
November 24, 2015
Attorney Friedman voiced support of the thorough and transparent grand jury process now at the center of the Tamir Rice controversy. - Prosecutors Withdraw Motion in Heroin 'Kingpin' Case, Still Probe Lawyer Payments
November 23, 2015 turns to Attorney Friedman for insight into manipulation allegations surrounding a high-profile Cleveland drug case. - Portable Traffic Cameras Catch On in Ohio
November 19, 2015
WKYC Channel 3 turned to Attorney Friedman for insight on the legality of new portable traffic cameras that are being used to retroactively ticket speeders in northeast Ohio.

Cleveland. com - Tamir Rice Case Unlikely to Result in Convictions: Legal Experts Say
October 15, 2015
Ian Friedman sat down with fellow legal professionals to offer an analysis of what criminal charges Cleveland prosecutors could realistically pursue against the officers involved in the Tamir Rice shooting. - Local Investigators, Prosecutors Using Wiretaps Without the Feds
September 29, 2015
Cleveland has seen a rise in wiretap investigations by local law enforcement and prosecutors. Attorney Friedman spoke to reporters about the trend and its possible effect on one of his current clients' cases. - Dunkin' Donuts Owner Charged with Bribing City of Cleveland Official to Obtain Grant
September 24, 2015
Attorney Friedman speaks to the press about his defense of Ashwani Adya, a Solon businessman accused of bribing city employees in order to open a Dunkin Donuts. - Father of Man Involved in Lorain Ward 2 Case Files Suit, Alleging Defamation
August 31, 2015
Attorney Friedman filed a defamation suit on behalf of Anthony Horn, who is accused by Lorain Councilman Dennis Flores of fixing a May 2015 election to favor his own son, Ryan Horn. - Police: Shaker Heights CCW Holder Fires at Dog
August 18, 2015
After an alarming Shaker Heights shooting in which a concealed weapon carrier opened fire on a dog, the news station turned to Attorney Friedman, who is also a CCW instructor, for insight on when legal civilian firearms can be used. - Legalizing Marijuana Has Some Worrying That the Business Could Become a Monopoly
August 14, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman shares insights into the upcoming pot bill in Ohio. Attorney Friedman is confident, “It’s going to end up in the courts. There’s no question about it”. - Responsible Ohio | Biggest Obstacle to Legalized Pot on Ohio Ballot May Be Issue 2
August 13, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman comments on the push to legalize marijuana in the state of Ohio as it heads to the polls on November 3, 2015. According to Friedman, if this measure passes, it will be unprecedented in the United States. - Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Chemist Fired Over Botched Test, County Retests Hundreds of Samples
July, 10, 2015
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office will retest thousands of drug samples after firing a forensic chemist earlier this week for botching analyses Cleveland defense attorney Ian Friedman called the allegations against Sran "extremely troublesome." - Legal Experts Break Down Possible Charges in Tamir Rice Case
June 18, 2015
Attorney Ian N. Friedman analyzes the theoretical charges officers could face for the shooting death of Tamir Rice - Analysis: Tamir Rice Investigation Report
June 14, 2015
Attorney Ian N. Friedman discusses the Tamir Rice investigation report with WKYC's Chris Tye. - Legal Analysis: Tamir Rice Report
June 13, 2015
WKYC's Chris Tye interviews Attorney Ian N. Friedman about the Tamir Rice investigation report. - Cleveland Restaurateur Fights Charges That He Molested and Raped a Child
June 2, 2015
Attonrey Ian N. Friedman argued in court against the molestation and sexual abuse charges brought against his client, a local restaurateur. - Prosecutor Challenges Legal Analysis of Brelo Verdict
May 29, 2015
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty has filed an appeal in the trial of Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo. - Legal Experts Optimistic Police Body Cameras Will Pay Dividends
April 17, 2015
“This will become commonplace in courts, and I think that prosecutors, defense lawyers and police alike will be going to the body cameras if not first, then close, when beginning their investigations,” said criminal defense attorney Ian Friedman. “It helps us get to the heart of the truth, and that’s really what the entire criminal justice system is about.” - Former Massillon Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge
April 16, 2015
She was ordered in January in Massillon Municipal Court to electronically-monitored house arrest and was permitted to leave her house to meet with her attorney, Ian N. Friedman. - Judge Tosses Lawsuit Filed by Shaker Heights Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape
April 15, 2015
Following Vaughan's initial conviction, his parents hired defense attorney Ian Friedman. He and a team of defense lawyers found, among other issues, that police made multiple errors when initially investigating the case, including not interviewing the girl. - Former Eaton Corp. Contractor Pleads Guilty to Trying to Infect Company's Computer System
April 08, 2015
Under federal sentencing guidelines, though, Samoilovas will likely face a sentence of up to six months. His attorney, Ian Friedman, said he believes his client should be put on probation. Samoilovas entered his plea to U.S. Magistrate Judge Greg White. U.S. District Judge Christopher Boyko is scheduled to sentence him July 1. - Akron Police Officer Charged in Playhouse Square Assault Was 'Primary Aggressor,' Police Say
April 08, 2015
Crupp's attorney, Ian Friedman, said Tuesday that Crupp's criminal history is irrelevant. "Steven wasn't attacked that night because he had a prior run-in with the law," Friedman said. "If police didn't feel he was victimized, they wouldn't have charged Mr. Campbell." - Man Beaten at Playhouse Square Previously Convicted of Assaulting Parma Heights Police Officer
Apr. 07, 2015
Crupp's attorney, Ian Friedman, said his client's criminal history is irrelevant to the incident outside the hotel. - Akron Police Officer Adam Campbell Charged in Connection With Playhouse Square Attack
Apr. 6, 2015
The victim is 31-year-old Steven Crupp of Cleveland. Crupp’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said his client has six broken ribs, a cracked pelvic bone and a disfigured face from the attack. - Ian N. Friedman: Attorney of the Month
April 2015
Attorney at Law Magazine selected Ian N. Friedman as the Attorney of the month for its Cleveland edition. - Former Abon Co-Owner Gets Probation, Must Repay $10,000
March 19, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman, who represented Bence, said a number of seized items will be returned to Bence. - Cleveland Heights Contractor Sentenced to Seven Years for Owning Large Child Pornography Collection
March 4, 2015
Attorney Friedman's client originally faced up to 15 years in federal prison, but the judge sentenced him to a reduced term of only 7 years. - Plea Deal Struck in Abon Case
February 23, 2015
"Today brought Mr. Bence's case one critical step closer to resolution," Attorney Ian Friedman said. "I am very pleased that he plead to only one lower level count of receiving stolen property, which carries a presumption of probation." - Parma Substitute Surrenders Teaching License, Enters Diversion Program in Child Endangering Case
February 11, 2015
"In hindsight and after reviewing the video, he would certainly love to go back in time and act more protectively. This sentence allows everyone involved to close this hurtful chapter and move forward," Attorney Ian Friedman said in a statement. - Fight Inside Bainbridge BW3 Similar to Other Recent Brawls
January 19, 2015
“They’re doing it for attention. The second this fight happens, they’re putting it online to get acknowledgement and praise from others, and that’s a very scary sign for the future,” Attorney Ian Friedman said.

McKernan Murder Case Bound Over to Common Pleas

The attorney for the woman accused of killing her husband asks that the public reserve judgement. Cleveland-based attorney Ian Friedman represented 26 year old Colleen McKernan in court Friday morning during her preliminary hearing in Massillon, which was waived. McKernan is accused of shooting her 29 year-old husband, Rob, to death on New Year's Eve. Friedman says people can speculate about what happened in the McKernan's home that night, but, says what did happen will come out in the court room. - Fatal New Year's Eve Shooting Goes to Ohio Grand Jury
January 10, 2015
Her attorney, Ian Friedman, asked people to reserve judgment until the facts are presented and said he's confident his client will be exonerated. - Grand Jury to Hear Case of Massillon Woman Accused of Killing Husband
January 9, 2015
Attorney Friedman asked people to reserve judgment in the case until the facts are presented, and expressed confidence that Colleen McKernan would be exonerated. - Attorney: Huge Fight at Cinemark Movie Theater Shows 'Scary Sign of the Future'
January 5, 2015

Attorney Ian Friedman explains why he believes teens using social media to organize large-scale fights like Beachwood and Valley View are just looking for attention online. - Fallout Continues After Valley View Theater Brawl
January 4, 2015
Attorney Ian Friedman discusses the recent fights at Valley View and Beachwood and says that he believes that these two incidents involving hundreds of teenagers are not a coincidence but planned for shock value. - Garfield Heights Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Attacking Woman He Met on Dating Site
January 5, 2015
"It was not his intention to harm her," Attorney Friedman said. "But things got out of control, they escalated, and he made some very poor choices."

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