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Attorney Friedman Represents Cleveland Restaurateur Accused of Rape


Founding attorney, Ian Friedman, is representing a Cleveland man accused of child rape. The downtown restaurateur was recently arrested on August 9, and was indicted by a grand jury on 18 counts of rape and 16 counts of gross sexual imposition. Attorney Friedman upholds his client's innocence, denying all allegations against his client in a recent interview with

Attorney Friedman made it clear that his client would not be taking a plea deal. "He's going to maintain his innocence today, tomorrow and the next day," Friedman was recorded saying in the interview. He also stated that his client and legal team plans to fight the sex crime charges until the case is finished.

Prosecutors Present No Evidence to Support Charges

According to the prosecution, the man is accused of having begun a sexual relationship with a girl in 2001, when she was only 10 years old. They claim that the relationship continued through 2009. Attorney Friedman quickly attacked the prosecution, bringing to the light the fact that they had no evidence or reliable corroboration to support the charges against his client.

Attorney Friedman continues to challenge the prosecution to bring forward hard evidence that can demonstrate a reason for the indictment of his client. Cuyahoga County prosecutors claim that police have obtained strong evidence to prove these claims, including taped admissions, though this has not yet been confirmed.

Attorney Ian Friedman has defended countless clients in the past and is well known for his legal abilities and ethical standards. As a leading criminal defense lawyer in the Cleveland area, he has helped many local clients protect their reputations and legal rights in a variety of cases.

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