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Attorney Friedman Interviewed About Bullying on 19 Action News


19 Action News recently turned to Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Ian Friedman for some professional insight into the types of legal steps parents can take after their children are bullied. The television news station talked to Attorney Friedman in a story concerning a 10-year-old boy who was beat up in a bullying incident close to his school, Betty Jane Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio.

According to 19 Action News, the 10-year-old student got into a fight with a group of male classmates on a hidden path next to Betty Jane Community Learning Center. The boy, who said he was defending his brother, ended up with two black eyes and a fractured nose. After the boy's mother asked school officials to take action, additional staff were assigned to keep watch of students as they leave the campus.

In the news story, Attorney Friedman was asked what steps parents should take after their children are victims of bullying. Mr. Friedman said parents should report the incident to the school and the police and then let officials take charge. A parent may also have the option of filing a civil protective order, in which that parent asks the court to keep the bully away from his or her child. There may also be the option of filing a civil lawsuit, he said. Furthermore, he reminded all parents to avoid confronting other parents, as this is something that should only be handled by officials.

Attorney Friedman is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney and an adjunct professor of law at the Ohio-Marshall College of Law. He has previously served as President of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. A couple of his notable professional accomplishments include being named the first "Lawyer of the Year" by the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 2011, and being inducted into the American Board of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has also been named on the list of Top 100 Ohio Super Lawyers®, as well as on the list of Top 50 Ohio Super Lawyers®.

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