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Attorney Friedman Requests Diversion Program for Substitute Teacher

| has just reported on the latest developments of a child endangerment case that is being handled by Attorney Ian N. Friedman. In an online news story, reported that the Ohio criminal defense lawyer asked the judge to consider his client, a substitute teacher, for a diversion program. Entrance into such a program could make the defendant eligible for sentencing other than jail time (such as community service), and it would allow him to have his charge dismissed upon successful completion of the program. The substitute teacher is charged with endangering children due to allegations that he witnessed a student bullying incident at Parma Senior High School and did not take the necessary actions to stop it.

According to the online article, Attorney Friedman argued that his client is eligible for the program because he has never faced charges for a violent crime. He asked the court to at least consider screening the defendant for the program. He made his request in a pretrial hearing, where he explained that he had discussed the matter with prosecutors but that he did not believe he would gain their support. Now that the request has been made, the next step is to wait for the probation department to review the case and give its recommendation. If the substitute teacher is able to get into a diversion program, he would be required to enter a guilty plea to a single count of endangering children, which is classified as a first-degree misdemeanor. After eventually getting his charge dismissed, he could then petition to get the criminal record related to the case sealed.

This case stems from a February 2014 incident in which five students from Parma Senior High School allegedly bullied a developmentally disabled classmate in gym class. The actions that the students allegedly carried out include repeatedly hitting the 14-year-old victim in the head with a volleyball, kicking him in the groin, dragging him across the floor and making obscene gestures over the victim while he was on the floor. Police have reported that the substitute teacher at one point cleared away the crowd of students but then walked away to another area of the gym while the victim was still on the floor.

Attorney Friedman and his legal team work hard to help their clients reach favorable case results. These types of results may include full acquittals, or they may include lighter sentencing such as through a diversion program like the one mentioned above. Whatever type of criminal charge you are faced with, you can depend on Attorney Friedman and his criminal defense team to aggressively and skillfully advocate for you. Mr. Friedman has received numerous awards and professional honors for his excellent legal services. Contact us and request a free case evaluation!