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Attorney Friedman Representing Victim in Police Battery Incident


Attorney Ian Friedman is recently spoke to ABC 5 regarding a beating incident outside the Wyndham Hotel on March 29. Attorney Friedman is currently representing the victim, Steven Crupp, 31, who was allegedly attacked by three men following an NCAA game by men attending a police fundraiser event held at the same hotel.

“Steven just wanted to enjoy the night with his dad and with his friends and have some good memories of the basketball game,” Friedman told ABC 5, adding, "This should not have happened."

Following an NCAA game, Steven Crupp visited the Wyndham Hotel bar. This is where Mr. Crupp first encountered his attacker, who exchanged words with Crupp's friend, a woman. Later, Mr. Crupp was jumped outside the hotel by the attacker and two alleged accomplices.

"To make sure Steven couldn't defend himself, at least two of this person's friends joined in to hold Steve to ensure the beating would continue," Attorney Friedman told ABC 5. As a result of the attack, Mr. Crupp suffered broken ribs, a cracked pelvic bone, and a disfigured face. He is currently recovering from his injuries.

One Arrest Already Made

Mr. Crupps' attacker was seen by Crupp and other witnesses as wearing a tuxedo and was later tied to a police fundraising event taking place at the same hotel. Ohio authorities have now identified and arrested Akron rookie officer Adam Campbell and charged him with felonious assault. Authorities will also soon review hotel security footage that allegedly captured the incident, according a report from .

Attorney Friedman told that he was grateful to Ohio police for "handling the case as quickly and seriously as they did" and hopes that more arrests related to the case are forthcoming.

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