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Ian Friedman Weighs In On Tamir Rice Decision


The tragic case of Tamir Rice is coming to a close, as a grand jury has decided not to file criminal charges against the two officers involved in the shooting death of Rice. While some activists and Ohio residents are upset by the decision, many local attorneys and legal experts feel that the right decision was made. Following the grand jury decision, local news outlets including and WKYC have turned to Attorney Ian Friedman for insight into the case.

"If someone were to look at this objectively, as the prosecutor showed us, there was the one conclusion and it was a no bill." Attorney Friedman added that the Rice case could not be compared to other high-profile police shootings, stating that the case “…was looked at in its independent merits. I would hate to lump it in with cases in which there were mistakes. This was not one of them."

Controversial Use of a Grand Jury

In many criminal cases, the grand jury will simply give the case a greenlight to go to trial. In this case, however, the Grand Jury took a thorough look at the evidence in front of them before deciding whether or not enough evidence existed to take the case to trial. “This is the way it should be done,” said Attorney Friedman.

However, others will knowledge of the case have criticized the way the prosecutor discussed the case with the grand jury. Michael Benza, a senior law instructor at Case Western Reserve University, feels that the prosecutor “got the results that he wants.” A former public defender, Jonathan Witmer-Rich, added that if prosecutors did not want to pursue charges, they should never have brought the case before the grand jury. Given the evidence in favor of the officers, it is possible that prosecutors convened the grand jury due to public pressure.

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