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News Channel 5 Turns to Attorney Friedman for Comment on Delayed Cases Issue


Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has filed a motion and public letter asking for 14 cases to be transferred from Common Pleas Judge John Russo due to continual delays he blames on the judge and defense counsel. Attorney Ian Friedman—one of the defense attorneys in those cases—offered a different perspective, however, on why those cases have still not gone to trial.

Catching up with News Channel 5, Friedman argued that the delays have not been deliberate maneuvering, but have occurred because of the time needed to properly prepare the complex cases in question. "You can't just lump all cases into one category and say because they've past a year, they're too long," he told News Channel 5. "A lot of these cases, for instance mine, have a lot of evidence in it. It needs a lot of examination, a lot of preparation, and a lot of time was spent, quite frankly waiting on evidence from the state."

Attorney Friedman's concerns over prosecution delays were echoed by another defense attorney, Michael Cheselka. "For the first year and a half, the investigation wasn't even completed," Cheselka told News Channel 5, referring to one of the four cases of his named in the motion. "What the state should have done is dismiss the case and re-indict it later."

The Need for Greater Efficiency

In his motion and letter, Prosecutor Timothy McGinty notes that 83 criminal cases have been delayed and untried for over 12 months. According to him, not only is this wasting taxpayer money, but is also an infringement on the integrity of our justice system. "The criminal justice system isn’t well served - nor are crime victims afforded justice - when courtrooms sit empty and yet we have a jail full of prisoners waiting for trial,” he wrote in his motion.

Attorney Friedman, who has long been a champion for greater courtroom efficiency, told reporters that he understands McGinty's frustration over the sluggish progress that some cases exhibit. He remains in support, however, of investigators, defense counsel, and prosecutors all taking the time necessary to ensure that justice is truly served.

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