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Judge Hands Down Reduced Sentence for Attorney Friedman's Client


On Wednesday, March 4, a Ohio business owner and family man received a vastly reduced prison sentence for federal child pornography charges, due to the vigilant defense counsel of Attorney Ian N. Friedman. The man originally faced a federal prison sentence of 151 to 188 months, but a U.S. District Judge ruled that he will only serve 87 months.

The charges were filed against Attorney Friedman’s client after the man sold an electronic device containing child pornography on eBay. The buyers of the device contacted police, and Secret Service investigators tracked the transaction to the client. Upon further investigation, they discovered that the man had a collection of more than 70,000 files of minors engaged in sexually explicit activity. The client was charged under federal law and faced a maximum sentence of 15 years in federal prison.

Under the guidance and counsel of Attorney Friedman, however, the client’s sentence was drastically reduced. In addition to the 7 year sentence, when release the client will remain on supervised release for 5 years, have restricted access to the Internet, and be required to register as a sex offender.

While handing down the sentence, the U.S. District Judge noted that while the client's collection was the largest she had ever seen, she did not feel that the maximum sentence was proper, as more serious crimes often receive shorter sentences. The judge stated that she was also encouraged by the unwavering support Pullman's family had shown throughout the trial.

Additionally, Attorney Friedman explained during the hearing that his client was undergoing treatment. As reported, the man tearfully expressed his remorse for the collection of files that he stated is a "source of enduring shame."

The Importance of Choosing Knowledgeable Defense for Cybercrime Charges

Internet crimes typically lead to serious felony or federal charges that carry severe penalties, which is why it is imperative to retain an attorney who is seasoned in technology defense. Attorney Ian Friedman is extensively experienced in defending clients in complex cybercrime cases, and he stays current on the latest developments in this evolving field. Additionally, Attorney Friedman is a sought-after speaker, published author, and adjunct professor in computer, internet, and technology law.

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