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Ian Friedman to WKYC-TV: "Portable Traffic Cameras Are Legal"


Are speeding tickets that northern Ohio residents are now receiving in the mail legal? That's the question at the heart of a new story from WKYC Channel 3, who recently detailed the growing use of portable traffic cameras to catch speeding drivers. Reporters turned to Attorney Ian Friedman for insight on the legality of the new and controversial practice.

"Right now, it's legal," Attorney Friedman told the station. "The legislature tried to get these cameras to go away," he added, punctuating the divisive nature of the practice. Attorney Friedman also told reporters that the cameras are favored by officers because they reduce traffic stop interactions, thus making them safer.

The cameras are similar to the unpopular devices that have been widely used in cities across the country to capture drivers violating stop lights. The difference with the new portable traffic cameras is that they are actually manned by roadside police officers. Another unpopular element of the new practice? The owner of the car is eventually issued the speeding ticket—no matter who was behind the wheel at the time of the photo.

"Decriminalizing" Speeding

The cameras are already in operation in Newburgh Heights, where Police Chief John Majoy insists that the cameras benefit both his department and local residents alike by decriminalizing speeding. "This is a civil violation," he told the station. "It does not carry any points on your license."

Still, some wonder if the system is actually effective in keeping drivers on the road safer: after all, under the portable camera system, speeding drivers aren't stopped and are allowed to continue speeding for the rest of their trip, unlike what is allowed with traditional traffic stops. It's unclear just how popular the cameras will become in Ohio, but when reached for comment, Ohio spokesman Daniel Ball said that there were no current plans to use them.

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