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Newsnet5 Turns to Attorney Friedman for Insight on Twinsburg Cyber Scandal


Newsnet5 recently obtained a search warrant filed by Twinsburg Police detailing the shocking Tumblr blog that was recently found to be depicting nude and inappropriate photos of 14 underage Twinsburg High School students. The Newsnet5 team turned to Ohio cybercrimes attorney Ian Friedman for insight on the ongoing case and the challenges inherent to policing the Internet.

"It’s extremely common, extremely scary just how much is out there," Attorney Friedman said, referring to inappropriate online photos of underage subjects. Even though the Tumblr has been deleted, Attorney Friedman also reiterated that the photos themselves could have easily been copied and are still in circulation. "It’s out there. People could have already gotten it, and they’re reposting."

The Tumblr blog was brought to the attention of the police by Twinsburg High School when a guidance counselor discovered the site. Some of the victims could be identified because their face was visible in the photos while other photos only included the victim's first name and only depicted their bodies. All of the victims are female. Twinsburg Police have told the press they believe that will determine who is behind the Tumblr account within the next week.

"Resources Versus Sheer Volume"

When it comes to inappropriate content and child pornography, the internet has created a whole new economy for those looking to produce, distribute, and receive material that would otherwise be difficult to share. According to Attorney Friedman, law enforcement cannot possibly keep up with the amount of this criminal activity that occurs online and seldom are charges pressed against those responsible for posting or sharing illegal photos or video.

"The very small percentage of people who post inappropriate content online that are actually brought to the authorities or brought to justice—it's just a matter of resources versus sheer volume," he told newsnet5.

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