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Burglar Nabbed After Scuffle at Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant LLC

| recently turned to Attorney Ian Friedman and receptionist Danielle Lucas to share their encounter with prolific burglar Edward R. Jackson. Earlier this year, Jackson was apprehended by authorities following a scuffle at our Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C., L.L.C. offices that allowed Friedman and Lucas to identify him.

The event was preceded by the mysterious disappearance of Danielle's purse just weeks before. The purse, which contained cash, personal information, and a smartphone, vanished from the reception desk of our offices in January. Two weeks later, in the early morning hours before the start of the work day, Danielle discovered Jackson in her chair going through her new purse.

Attorney Friedman was also present that morning and heard Danielle calling out for help. "There wasn't any thought about, you know, should I say 'please just leave' or something like that—she's attacking her. It escalated 100 percent right at that moment," said Attorney Friedman, who then intervened. "I'm in a three-piece suit, buttoned up to the top, with a bow tie on, and I got one working arm," he now laughs, referring the diminished use of one arm following a 2011 accident.

A physical altercation occurred that culminated at the office elevators. Attorney Friedman held the door open while forcing Jackson into the car. When it was over, Attorney Friedman still had Jackson's coat in his hands—which contained his ID.

Storied Criminal Career

Edward Jackson is a known figure in the Ohio law enforcement community: he's been convicted seven times since 1979, most often for theft crimes. In fact, after finding a nearby firm's business card in his coat, Attorney Friedman believes Jackson was meeting with his lawyer before deciding to try and steal from Danielle's purse.

Both Attorney Friedman and Danielle have been called as witnesses in Jackson's trial this week. As Attorney Friedman muses, the office incident is not one he'll soon forget. "This is usually the safe place. This is where you go when you're already in trouble," he told "Not for this guy."

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