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Friedman Nemecek & Long LLC Profiled in Attorney At Law Magazine


Friedman Nemecek & Long, L.L.C., L.L.C. is pleased to announce that our firm has been profiled in the latest Ohio edition of Attorney At Law Magazine. In it, Founding Attorneys Ian Friedman and Eric Nemecek discuss the origins of their relationship, how they are expanding their practice and influence in the legal community, and where they see the firm headed in the future.

In the Beginning

Attorney Friedman met Eric Nemecek in 1997: he had just graduated from Ohio-Marshall College of Law and opened his own criminal defense practice. Attorney Nemecek was still in law school at the time and clerked for Attorney Friedman. It was then that both men realized that their work ethic and philosophy towards the justice system complimented one another. For nearly 20 years, the attorneys bounced around different firms before finally deciding to start their own last year.

Now, Friedman and Nemecek say they can do what they love the way they want to it—and both men believe that that has benefitted clients and their community. "I'm primarily concerned with assuring that fairness is achieved in every situation," said Friedman. "In light of my past successes and a strong relationship I maintain with former clients, I feel extremely satisfied with the type of work that I do."

"I firmly believe that this area of the law affords attorneys the best opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of their clients the practice of law itself," Nemecek told the magazine.

Giving Back to the Community

The success that both men have had both in and outside the courtroom has also put them in a fortunate position to give back to the legal community and help better the local justice system. Attorney Nemecek has served as co-chair of the American Bar Association cybercrime committee and was the former chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association's criminal division.

Attorney Friedman founded New Lawyer Boot Camp, an annual education event for young lawyers about to enter the workforce from law school. Friedman also worked for three years to establish "Open Discovery" in Ohio courts, a new policy that allows for greater prosecutor transparency before litigation. Currently, he is working to reform hearing scheduling practices to better improve court docket efficiency. "We believe that lawyers have a duty to be involved with community efforts and initiatives that seek to effectuate change," Friedman said.

The Future of the Firm

Since its founding, Friedman Nemecek & Long, L.L.C., L.L.C. has moved to expand their criminal defense focus. Attorney Nemecek's cybercrime experience has allowed the firm to take on those cases on a national level and even consult with businesses to better improve their cyber security. Perhaps even more exciting is the firm's new commitment to international cases: it is currently handling a white collar crime case Quito, Ecuador and has represented clients and entities in Europe and Asia, as well. The attorneys say these new efforts, in addition to the work they continue to do for accused clients in greater Ohio, has revitalized their outlook.

"It's funny, I get up in the morning and I'm excited to go to work again," said Attorney Friedman. "I haven't felt like this since probably the first couple of years of practice. To say that 20 years in, I'm very pleased."

You can read the full Attorney At Law Magazine Profile on Friedman Nemecek & Long, L.L.C., L.L.C. , "Back to the Basics," here.

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