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Attorney Ian Friedman's Client Named in Federal Fraud Case


Attorney Ian Friedman recently spoke to the press to defend his client, a Lake County resident, who has been named by prosecutors in a two-year DEA investigation that alleges drug crimes, money laundering, and fraud. Attorney Friedman was quick, however, to clarify his client's involvement in the alleged offenses.

"At no time in her life has [my client] been in trouble with the law," he told

Two-Year Investigation of Colorado and Ohio Residents

The allegations against Attorney Friedman’s client are part of a winding, expansive DEA investigation into several Colorado and Ohio residents. Investigators believe that Dominic Schender of Pueblo, Colorado and Brandon Selvaggio of Kirtland, Ohio created phone service companies to launder drug money here in Ohio.

The companies, Discount Directory Inc. and Enhanced Telecommunication Services, were contracted by AT&T to provide services that customers never received (a practice known as "cramming"). AT&T has agreed to pay nearly $8 million in refunds to customers and a federal fine.

The DEA's court filing names a number of other Lake County residents in connection with the phone companies, including Attorney Friedman’s client. Federal agents have seized $3.4 million in money and assets, requested forfeitures, and filed liens against Schender and Selvaggio.

While the court filing has named several individuals in connection with these allegations, the investigation is still ongoing. The DEA has yet to comment on when it plans to formally file charges.

In regards to the case against his client, Attorney Friedman stated, "We are hopeful and confident that any government investigation will reveal that further scrutiny of her particular conduct is not warranted."

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