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Bresha Meadows' Story Appears in The Huffington Post


The story of Bresha Meadows was recently featured in The Huffington Post in a long-form column detailing the history of the case so far. Attorney Ian Friedman, who is serving as her defense attorney, was featured prominently in the article as he has recently obtained a few important victories for her defense, including arranging to have her tried in juvenile court. This is huge for her case, since Ohio law states that anyone over the age of 14 could be tried as an adult in criminal court if they face felony charges. In juvenile court, Bresha can only remain in jail until the age of 21, but in adult criminal court, she could face life in prison.

Attorney Friedman is working to demonstrate that the abuse that Bresha and her mother and sister received from her father forced her to act in “self-defense.” Witnesses in the case told the news source that they believed Bresha’s father may have even sexually abused her, however Attorney Friedman has declined to confirm or deny those allegations, stating that more details would be introduced in the trial.

Most recently, Attorney Friedman was successful in attaining a transfer for his client to an adolescent treatment facility, where she will receive a mental health evaluation and continual treatment after the traumatic events. He stated: “I am confident that [the evaluation] is going to corroborate our claim from day one, it will validate what was going on in her mind and will validate the actions that were taken that evening.”

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Attorney Friedman reiterated that the jail where Bresha was being kept did not offer any form of mental health treatment and was highly inadequate. Instead, this residential treatment center will allow Bresha to receive a full psychiatric evaluation, which Attorney Friedman believes will contribute greatly to Bresha’s defense.

Bresha Meadows’ trial has been scheduled for May 22.

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