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Public Support Continues to Grow for the Release of Bresha Meadows


The public outpour of support for Bresha Meadows continues to grow as more than 26,000 people (and counting) across the nation have signed an online petition calling for her release. Speaking with The Plain Dealer, Attorney Ian Friedman commented on the fight for his client’s freedom, “We would welcome any conditions for bond that the court would find and set - which would be far better than keeping her in a jail cell.” The now 15-year-old Meadows is currently awaiting trial for the alleged murder of her father, Jonathan Meadows.

Bresha's case caught the nation’s attention amid allegations that her family had suffered years of domestic abuse and violence at the hands of her father. Along with the public, numerous domestic violence organizations, such as Love & Protect, have gotten behind the #FreeBresha movement, calling for her immediate release.

However, the family of Bresha’s father is fighting to stop her release. Lena Cooper (Bresha’s aunt) has questioned her niece’s motives in the shooting, saying that she believes Meadows is in need of help and should not be released on bond. A hearing is scheduled for January 20th, 2017 before Juvenile Court Judge Pamela Rintala, where the issue is expected to be a main topic of discussion.

Bresha has already experienced an unusually long period of detention. While juveniles in Ohio typically spend two weeks or less in pretrial confinement, Meadows’ time in custody is likely to extend past the half-year mark. Attorney Friedman and the legal team at Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C., L.L.C. are doing everything in their power to secure Bresha’s release. For more information on this story, stay tuned to our news feed or read through our latest blog posts.

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