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Attorneys Long and Walchanowicz Ward Off Felony Charges in BGSU Hazing Trial

Attorneys Long and Walchanowicz Ward Off Felony Charges in BGSU Hazing Trial

The Bowling Green State University hazing trial centered around the death of Stone Foltz came to a close this past Friday, May 27th, after a Wood County jury found two deliberated for nearly eight hours.

Foltz, a 20-year-old Sophomore at Bowling Green State University, tragically died due to fatal alcohol intoxication after drinking a liter of alcohol at a fraternity event. Eight fraternity members were charged in connection to Foltz’s death. After six defendants accepted plea bargains, the remaining defendants, Jacob Krinn, 21; and Troy Michael Henrickson, 24, were tried before Judge Joel Kuhlman.

Firm Partner, Eric Long, and Associate, Tyler Walchanowicz, successfully defended their client, Troy Michael Henricksen, against the most serious allegations raised against him. The jury acquitted Henricksen of the all felony counts and all counts wherein Mr. Henricksen was charged for causing the death of Mr. Foltz, including charges of Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Homocide, and Tampering with Evidence.

Long commented with The New York Times saying the jury’s verdict gave his client “his future back.” Mr. Henricksen, he said, was not present at the event and was asleep at home but was charged because he was a new-member educator for the fraternity and was a target for the prosecutor based solely on his role. “Prosecutors should have known better,” Mr. Long said. “This was not a felony case.”

"My colleague, Tyler Walchanowicz and I, as well as the Henricksen family are extraordinarily grateful to the jury for their commitment to justice in what were difficult circumstances for everyone involved," Long said in a statement to CNN. "It is a shame that Mr. Henricksen was falsely accused in the first place, but this verdict confirms that when the evidence is heard, and the truth -- rather than accusations and public sentiment -- are sought, the justice system works. This is a welcomed and just exoneration of the most serious allegations."

This prosecution garnered national attention as it shined a light on college fraternity life, including the pledge process and initiations.

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