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Insight Behind Deshaun Watson Decision to Settle

Insight Behind Deshaun Watson Decision to Settle consulted firm partner, Ian Friedman, Esq., and Los Angeles attorney, Andrew Brettler, Esq., regarding Deshaun Watson’s recent decision to settle the majority of the sexual misconduct lawsuits filed against him. Watson initially wanted to fight to clear his name of the numerous allegations.

Brettler has extensive experience defending prominent figures such as Prince Andrew and Christopher Noth against sexual assault allegations. His take on Watson's decision ultimately came down to it being the best overall business decision. Defending oneself against this number of allegations would have been an expensive and lengthy process.

Settling can also take the allegations out of the news cycle, too, according to Brettler.

“It just really comes down to a very practical decision,” Friedman said. “Even when a client does not want to settle, sometimes they do in recognition of the fact that they want to get on with their life, and can.”

Some of the advantages that come with settling cases also include confidentiality clauses, as well as, avoiding additional evidence coming to light.

Larry Zuckerman, Esq., a local attorney who represents athletes, mentioned that settling the cases does not bode well for one’s reputation, especially if the allegations are categorically false.

Both Friedman and Brettler agreed that settlements bring certainty to what can be very fluid cases. Read the entire story by clicking here.