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Combating the Criminalization of Ohioans’ Pregnancy Outcomes

Legal Access Program

Abortion News Alert

The firm of Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C. is honored to partner with the Abortion Fund of Ohio (AFO) in the launch of the Legal Access Program for abortion seekers & reproductive healthcare workers. This program began accepting new patients and providers on Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

AFO Legal Access Program provides free, confidential legal assistance and referrals to pro-bono counsel. This program also provides advice regarding self-managed abortion, young people’s access to abortion, and judicial bypass.

The law firm is prepared to render all legal services needed for this vitally important program. Abortion access and legal protection for every individual and organization involved in making abortions accessible are a central priority to Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C. With AFO’s extraordinary reach, the law firm’s professionals are committed to serving the vast population of individuals now facing unjust legal scrutiny.

For more information on this program, click here:
To access Abortion Fund of Ohio’s Legal Access Program Intake Form, click here:

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