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O.P.E.N. Court Project Launched By 2011 OSBF Fellows


The 2011 Fellows Class of the Ohio State Bar Foundation (OSBF) has recently launched its O.P.E.N. Court project, which provides resources that are designed to help developmentally disabled minors, their parents and their educators navigate the juvenile justice system. Attorney Ian N. Friedman is one of the many Fellows who were involved in creating this project.

O.P.E.N. Court stands for "Orienting Young People with Exceptional Needs about Court." This project is part of the fellows' commitment to community service and to providing the public with much-needed information on criminal justice system.

The O.P.E.N. Court website offers three videos and a resource guide that break down various aspects of the juvenile justice system and the experience of appearing in court. The videos are titled "Understanding the Juvenile Justice System," "The Courtroom and How it Works," and "How to Be Ready for Juvenile Court."

The videos depict a fictional autistic teenager named Henry who has to appear in juvenile court after he is accused of stealing an iPad. Attorney Friedman plays the role of the Henry's lawyer in the videos. The videos cover everything from what minors with disabilities should do when they encounter police to proper courtroom etiquette.

The resource guide is specifically for parents, educators and other adults who are working with developmentally disabled minors who are dealing with the juvenile court system. This resource guide includes tips for working with the special-needs minors, video discussion information, question and answers to correspond with the videos, and supplemental graphics and activities.

Attorney Friedman maintains "Fellow" status within the Ohio State Bar Foundation, which he has been a member of since 2010. Each year, the Ohio State Bar Foundation extends invitations for membership to exceptional attorneys throughout the state who have shown that they are dedicated to the highest standards within the legal profession, as well as a to bettering their communities, according to the foundation's website.

All Fellows have pledged to provide a certain level of financial support that is used to fund OSBF grants. The foundation's fellows are given various opportunities to volunteer for service projects that help promote justice and public awareness of the legal system.

Attorney Friedman is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who provides high-quality legal representation for individuals who are accused of all types of crimes, including juvenile crimes. Contact us to learn more about the legal services that are offered by Attorney Friedman!