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Authorities Search Workplace of Aliza Sherman's Lawyer


Attorney Ian N. Friedman recently talked to television news station WKYC Channel 3 News about a search conducted at the law firm where one of his clients, Gregory Moore, used to work. The news station reported that the law firm's downtown Ohio office had been searched by the FBI Violent Crime Task Force and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, with the assistance of the state's Cyber Crimes Unit.

It has been speculated that the investigation was held in connection to Attorney Friedman's client, who served as the divorce attorney for Aliza Sherman, a woman who was stabbed to death in March 2013 near the building where the firm's office is located.

Attorney Friedman told WKYC that he and his client found out about the search after it occurred, and that Mr. Moore is not currently practicing law so that he can deal with some of his own legal matters.

Attorney Friedman spoke to WKYC on behalf of his client, stating that it is unclear at this time what the government was searching for and why they were searching for it. He said he and his client do not know yet whether the search was related to Ms. Sherman's death, whether it was related to Mr. Moore's own legal matters, or whether it had to with something else.

The defense lawyer also noted that he and his client are glad that the authorities are looking into whatever they deem worthy of a search. With that, he added a reminder that his client has clearly denied any involvement with Ms. Sherman's murder and that the evidence should support that.

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