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Attorney Friedman Defends Man Accused of Transmitting Malicious Computer Code


Attorney Ian N. Friedman is currently defending a client who has been accused by his previous employer, Eaton Corporation, of unleashing a dangerous and malicious computer code with the intent of destroying company information.

Eaton Corporation is a power management company that provides solutions to effectively and sustainably manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power. The defendant was hired by Eaton Corporation in November 2013 to serve as a contract financial analyst. In April 2014, Attorney Friedman's client applied for full-time positions at the company and was rejected for employment.

Eaton Corporation claims that on or around May 21, 2014, the man used his access to the company's computer system to install a malicious code. This code was allegedly attached to six financial spreadsheets and was claimed to be able to cause significant damage to the company's computer network.

Attorney Friedman's client is said to have informed a co-worker of the code, who then told the company. The man was arrested on November 14 th and released on a $20,000 bail to attend trial on January 12.

The Stow Sentry recently reported on the case, and Attorney Friedman told the news outlet that "It is always unfortunate when someone comes in contact with the criminal justice system. It is made more difficult when that person by all accounts has lived their entire life as a law-abiding and contributing member of society."

Attorney Friedman went on to say, "That is the case here… He is a dedicated family man with a spotless record."

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Attorney Friedman is an adjunct professor, speaker, and published author in computer, internet, and technology law. Attorney Eric Namecek serves as a chair on the American Bar Association's Cyber Crime Committee. This Committee is a trusted and authoritative resource on crimes that affect critical computer infrastructure, social media, and other forms of technology.

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