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Attorney Friedman Negotiates Lighter Sentence in Child Pornography Case


On December 1 a Willoughby man accused of child pornography offenses was sentenced to 45 days in jail as a result of the hard work and dedication of Attorney Ian N. Friedman. The client pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography but has worked with counselors to see the error in his actions and seeks to use this experience to do good in the future.

In October the defendant pleaded guilty to three counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and two counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented materials from an instance that occurred in November 2013.

Attorney Friedman and the defendant's family and friends initially asked that the judge not order any jail time, since the man did not understand the impact of his actions. However, through counseling he now understands how his actions led to the re-victimization of the children involved.

Attorney Ian N. Friedman was quoted saying "To know at 74 years of age that all of the good things in your life may be overshadowed by the fact that he's going to die being labeled a sex offender the rest of his life. It's had a great impact upon him, it's very harsh."

The prosecution also noted that it is easy for those involved in child pornography not to realize that the children are more than images.

As a result of Attorney Friedman's excellent advocacy, the man was sentenced to 45 days in local jail and then 45 days on house arrest, with the privilege of 40 hours of work release per week. Read The News-Herald's story about the case.

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