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Ian Friedman Discusses Voter Concerns About Upcoming Pot Bill With Fox News 8


The state of Ohio will go to the polls in November to determine if marijuana will become legal throughout the state. Unlike other states that have first legalized medical marijuana, Ohio’s ballot includes a measure to unprecedentedly legalize both medical and recreational marijuana at the same time.

However, there is one major roadblock for Ohio voters. There are currently ten investors who have been granted exclusive licenses to grow marijuana throughout the state. Some Ohioans object to this, arguing that this is a form of a monopoly and should be rejected. Ohio’s constitution forbids monopolies of any kind, but the measure to legalize marijuana also includes language that will amend the constitution to allow this type of monopolization.

Attorney Friedman Predicts a Court Battle Over Marijuana Legalization

Fox News 8 interviewed Attorney Friedman as a legal expert regarding this push to legalize marijuana. According to Attorney Friedman, “It’s going to end up in the courts. There’s no question about it”. Especially with the development of Issue 2, a counter-action to prohibit any type of amendment to Ohio’s constitution, this has become problematic for many Ohio voters.

In addition, the idea that exclusively selected investors will have a complete monopoly over this blossoming industry is a point of contention for many. However, Attorney Friedman is confident that this is nothing new for Ohio. He states, “Is it any different than what we just had with the casinos? Probably not. Before that passed by the state, we knew exactly who was getting the licenses and where they were going to go”.

With issues related to constitution amendments and industry monopolization, this is sure to be a measure that will occupy much attention in the coming months.

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