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Newsnet5 Cleveland Speaks with Attorney Ian Friedman Following Gun Incident Involving Dog


Newsnet5 Cleveland recently turned to Attorney Ian Friedman following a gun incident involving not police or criminals, but pets. In a Shaker Heights neighborhood, a civilian with a concealed carry weapons permit (CCW) opened fire at an unleashed bull mastiff that was allegedly attacking a group of other dogs.

Attorney Friedman, who is also a CCW instructor, noted how rare it is that a gun incident actually involve a shooter who is legally permitted to carry a weapon. "99.9 percent of gun cases involve people without CCW," he told reporters. "But it only takes one for someone to get hurt."

The incident has neighbors wondering when it is appropriate to use a gun, even if the shooter is legally permitted to have one. "You can come to the defense of others. That’s a defense that would justify someone's actions," Friedman clarified. "But to the defense of your dog, regardless of how much you love it, you can’t pull out the gun." This is because, legally speaking, dogs and other pets are considered property and protecting property does not call for lethal force under Cleveland law.

Sensitive Cleveland Gun Laws

Friedman went on to clarify other situations in which it is legal for a citizen with a CCW to use their weapon. If they fear for their lives or if there is an intruder inside their home, a CCW carrier can legally discharge their weapon.

However, as Newsnet5 Cleveland notes, the details in these cases matter. In the last week, an Akron man shot and killed man that had broken into his home—but is being charged with manslaughter because the intruder was running away from the house at the time that shots were fired.

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal weapons charge, then it is critical that you choose defense counsel familiar with these laws. Ian N. Friedman is a respected and sought-after Cleveland criminal defense attorney that has built his reputation on securing favorable results even in the most serious and daunting of cases. He and his team have resources, insight, and the diligence to ensure that the best possible outcome of your case is always placed within reach.

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