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Attorney Friedman Secures Diversion Program for Parma Substitute Teacher


Attorney Ian N. Friedman recently secured admittance to a diversion program for a client charged with a first degree misdemeanor. Attorney Friedman’s client, a former substitute teacher in Parma, was charged with child endangerment after a student was severely bullied in a class he was supervising last year.

The charges stemmed from an incident in February 2014 that involved several students harassing and assaulting a fellow student with developmental disabilities in a gym class that Attorney Friedman’s client was teaching. After reviewing a video tape of the incident, authorities felt that the client should have done more to protect the bullied student.

In July, Attorney Friedman requested that the judge consider his client for a diversion program, but the judge denied the motion in October. However, Attorney Friedman made further appeal and explained that his client was willing to give up his teaching license, and the judge ruled this week that the client could enter the diversion program.

Reduced Penalties Under First-Offender Diversion Program

The first-offender diversion program offers a number of leniencies for non-violent offenders with minimal criminal records. In lieu of a trial, the client pleaded guilty to one count of endangering children and was ordered to permanently surrender his teaching license and complete 75 hours of community service. If the client successfully completes the diversion program, the case will be dismissed and he can apply to have his criminal record sealed.

While the prosecution remains opposed to the diversion program, Attorney Friedman agreed with the resolution, as the case was never about his client intentionally hurting anyone. “At the time, he did not fully appreciate the situation as he was supervising a gymnasium full of active children,” Attorney Friedman said in a statement to “In hindsight and after reviewing the video, he would certainly love to go back in time and act more protectively. This sentence allows everyone involved to close this hurtful chapter and move forward."

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