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Attorney Ian Friedman to Defend Trucking Company Owner in Federal Trafficking Case


Attorney Ian Friedman has taken on the case of Rinald Turhani, a Detroit-area trucking company owner that is now facing federal drug trafficking charges. According to the FBI, Turhani and three co-conspirators imported large quantities of marijuana and MDMA from Canada.

As reports, Rinald Turhani, Leka Konini, Denisa Alicka and Jonida Alicka were all named in the indictment filed earlier this month. In it, it is alleged that Turhani and Konini used Turhani's freight to move drugs into Ohio and even New York and Michigan.

Sale of the drugs is also part of the allegations against the group. In Ohio, Denisa Alicka, Turhani's girlfriend, allegedly dealt drugs out of an upscale Rocky River apartment complex. According to the indictment, Alicka's sister, Jonida, also helped sell the drugs, even during her shifts as a reserve officer in the Linndale Police Department.

Still Early in the Case

Attorney Friedman was with his client Tuesday, April 5, to enter a not guilty plea. Turhani is currently in custody of the U.S. Marshals Service. Both state and federal services have been investigating Turhani since September 2014. The indictment indicates that cooperating witnesses wore wires, recorded phone calls, and purchased drugs in collaboration with the authorities.

Still, Attorney Friedman asserted that there is more to the case than what is simply cited by the authorities. "It's very early right now," he told, "and we look forward to assessing the case once discovery is received."

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