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Attorneys Eric Nemecek & Eric Long Litigate for Travelodge Owners


Attorneys Eric Nemecek and Eric Long of Friedman Nemecek Long & Grant, L.L.C., L.L.C. are currently representing the owners of a Brook Park Travelodge hotel currently under a restraining order. The location has become a frequent locale of violence, drug, and prostitution calls, and finally compelled the courts to temporarily shut it down last month.

As Ohio 19 reports, the Brook Park Travelodge has been the subject of 650 calls to the local police in the last two years. While it has been shut down with a temporary restraining order, Attorneys Nemecek and Long are helping facilitate ways for the Travelodge owners to sell the property.

"My clients have spoken to a broker regarding selling the property," Attorney Long told the judge in a recent hearing. "Perhaps dealing with different clientele, prices things of that nature we've all been exploring whether these are options." Demolition is also an option that is being explored: "The City of Brook Park made it clear to us that there is some money may be available for demolition of the building," Attorney Long said in court.

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