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The Push to Release Bresha Meadows


The case of Bresha Meadows has been widely covered by the media, sparking a social media movement with the hashtag #FreeBresha. With the spotlight of the media on the case, we are pushing harder than ever to see that Bresha Meadows is released on bond pending her trial. Her release will allow this young teen to receive the treatment she requires.

We went before Judge Pamela Rintala this last Wednesday to request the release of Bresha on bond. We know that the Trumball County Juvenile Detention Center, where she is being held, is unable to provide Bresha with the help she needs. She suffers from anxiety and PTSD from the abuse inflicted upon her and her family by her father, according to her mother. In February, we were successful in getting Bresha transferred to a mental health facility for diagnosis, but since her stay there, she has been in detention without treatment.

After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her father, Bresha needs the support and treatment that mental health professionals can provide. She is a child victim of an abusive father, and it is important that we approach her case with this in mind in order to see that she is granted the compassion and dignity she deserves. We argue that being held in detention without treatment is punishment for a case that has yet to even go to court.

Bresha has been held for over six months awaiting her trial, and still is awaiting to hear if she will be released. Judge Rintala is expected to decide this coming Monday if she will be allowed to return to her family.

Follow Bresha’s case on our criminal defense blog for more updates.

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