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Hope for Bresha Meadows


Last week, we shared the news that Judge Rintala would hear our request to release Bresha on bond so she could receive treatment for her mental health while awaiting the October 16th trial date. Today, we are excited to announce that prosecutors have also realized Bresha’s need for treatment. We are glad to come to an agreement on this point so we can move forward getting her the help she so desperately needs to recover from this trauma.

Our Monday pre-trial hearing came with the offering of a tentative plea deal. Under this deal, Bresha Meadows will serve a total of 18 months, with the 9 months she has spent so far in jail being counted toward her total sentence. The remaining time will be spent at an in-patient mental health facility. Her record will be sealed and expunged, allowing her to begin life as an adult without the shadow of this charge looming over her.

On May 22nd, we will have one last pre-trial, and it is my hope that Bresha Meadows will be released to an in-patient facility to begin her treatment. Research shows that a long delay in seeking treatment can lead to a greater chance of problems as an adult, so it is crucial that Bresha start treatment soon. Judge Rintala has helped us clear the way for her to receive treatment immediately by allowing mental health professionals to visit her in the youth detention center where she is currently being held. Until the next pre-trial, when next steps will become clear, we can rest easy knowing that help is on the way for Bresha.

We are grateful for the spotlight social media has shed on Bresha’s plight. It reveals the larger issues behind the trial, such as the abuse suffered and the effects it has had on the Meadows family. I hope this case starts a revolution in the way these matters are handled, and that the other kids involved can get the care they need to protect their long term mental health.

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