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Cleveland Domestic Violence Attorney

Misdemeanor and Felony Charge Defense

False accusations of domestic violence are not uncommon. Once an accusation has been made, the charges filed, either misdemeanor or felony, the process is in motion. If convicted, there will be a great number of personal problems, including fines, a criminal record, treatment programs, and the possibility of having child custody and visitation issues to resolve. You could be restricted from entering your own home, gaining access to your possessions or contacting your spouse or other domestic partner by any means.

There are also cases in which there was some type of violence that occurred, but there is far more to the situation, such as in cases in which a physical attack took place and self-defense was necessary. These are dangerous legal problems, and being innocent of the offense does not guarantee an acquittal. If you are facing any charges of a domestic violence crime, including spousal abuse, child abuse or other crime of violence, it is imperative that you contact a Cleveland domestic violence lawyer from our firm.

At Friedman & Nemecek, LLC Attorneys at Law, we are recognized for our work in defending against false accusations and wrongful convictions. Our Cleveland domestic violence attorney must get involved in your case immediately.

There are several legal actions that may be necessary to assist you, and your defense case should be initiated as early as possible after your arrest. Our first step is to speak with you and to hear your side of the story. Our goal is to do everything possible to reduce the damage to your life and future.

Domestic Violence in the Ohio Revised Code

Domestic violence is defined under the Ohio Revised Code § 2919.25 as knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family or household member; recklessly causing serious physical harm to a family or household member; or threatening a family or household member in a manner that causes them to fear imminent physical harm. Misdemeanor domestic violence offenses of the first degree of are punishable by up to six months in jail. The penalties are more severe if the accused individual has a prior conviction, and could be filed as either a fourth or third degree felony.

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Our firm is recognized as one of the most effective, successful criminal trial law firms in the state, and serves as defense counsel to individuals throughout the state and beyond. Attorney Ian N. Friedman has been listed in Ohio Super Lawyers® for many years, and is also the first lawyer to be named Lawyer of the Year by the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Each of our attorneys is extremely intelligent, creative, dedicated, and principled, and highly skilled in defense law. Our clients enjoy working with all of the members of our team. We provide defense to those accused in Cuyahoga County and Geauga County.

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